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Facebook funny & get to know you Games – What you should know

If you are on Facebook, you have probably already seen these type of games. Hahaha! Fun! Everyone has five names. Come on, this is funny(ish)! •Your actual name: Sarah Jane Smith •Your Soap Opera name (middle name and street you... Continue Reading →

Online Dating – Be Ready

Online dating can indeed be successful, but you must be ready for the amount of ridiculousness you will come across. I met over coffee a man's who was nothing like the profile or picture he had put online. He was... Continue Reading →

Canada Must Do Better

Many of us were hoping that Justin Trudeau would bring more positive change to the environment, but unfortunately, that is not happening so far. The government continues to give $3.3 billion annually to gifts to oil and gas companies, even... Continue Reading →

Flexible Hours – Dream or Nightmare?

One thing that I enjoy at my workplace is the lunchtime discussion. During one of these talk sessions, we began to discuss flexible hours and it turns out it isn't as clear cut as we originally thought. Inspired, I did a... Continue Reading →

Keep your personal info safe

Protecting your personal information can help reduce your risk of identity theft. Privacy is increasingly rare these days, that's because your personal information, including your email address, phone number and social security number, are worth a lot of money to... Continue Reading →

From Printers to Countries – How people view the world

I just saw the problem of the world explained through an office mentality. The office has a couple of departments. Each department have a manager and a few employees spread over the office. (Now, imagine that the departments represents countries... Continue Reading →

International Safer Internet Day

The Internet has been an amazing invention that has changed the way we connect and get information. Unfortunately there is also a bravery behind the keyboard that brings out comments that would never be said face to face to a... Continue Reading →

Computer Tech – Why the Doubt?

I am used to not being taken seriously when dealing with a new software or hardware company as they assume I know nothing about computer. This usually doesn't last very long as I am usually able to show that I... Continue Reading →

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