What makes a gamer?

What makes a gamer? I don't play most first person shooter games because they require socializing with others and I'm an introvert. Playing games on my computers is about letting go of the day's stress. Socializing only adds to the stress so it's not for me. The amount of first person shooter gamers who have... Continue Reading →


Science isn’t a conspiracy

Science isn't a conspiracy. Science doesn't care what you say or believe, it is simply based on proven facts. The natural world does not care about your personal sentiments, facts aren't affected by beliefs or why you think science is a conspiracy. It's time to stop the temper tantrum and pay attention before all the... Continue Reading →

Use social media and video games

Anxiety can feel like drowning.  Anxiety can fill the lungs to the point of suffocation. If this is how you feel, ask for some love and tenderness from your friends on social media. Let them comment on your post and remind you that you’re loved. Use social media and video games to change your mind... Continue Reading →

Transfer large files to anyone

There are amazing free tools available for all on the internet. WeTransfer a great way to transfer large files that won't fit in an email. You can transfer up to 2GB. You can decide how long the file is available for download. You can password protect the downloads for additional protection. It's super easy to... Continue Reading →

Car Tips

I thought it would be interesting to share some car tips I've learned over the years. Did you know that small problems, such as a poorly screwed fuel cap, can decrease fuel efficiency? The same goes with those little sport flags that people put on their car doors. The aerodynamic change actually cost you money.... Continue Reading →

Access to high-speed Internet for all Canadians

The federal and provincial governments have agreed to develop a long-term strategy to improve access to high-speed Internet for all Canadians. Not many know this, but in Vancouver, the ministers responsible for innovation and economic development said that connectivity to high-speed services is of paramount importance to the prosperity and well-being of Canadians. They want... Continue Reading →

Online Safety Basics

I've recently given a training on online safety basics at work and realize how little people know. When you work in a certain field all your life, you sometimes forget that others haven't had the same exposure than you. This is why I wanted to share some simple knowledge with you today. Top 3 online... Continue Reading →

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