Car Tips

Did you know that small problems, such as a poorly screwed fuel cap, can decrease fuel efficiency? The same goes with those little sport flags that people put on their car doors. The aerodynamic change actually cost you money. Knowing how to change a flat tire is a valuable skill, but drivers may find themselves... Continue Reading →


Purchasing legal “pot” or working for the industry? You might want to know this.

If you pay for the purchase of cannabis, with your credit card, know that the data of the transaction could be scrutinized by the US government, thanks to the Patriot Act (voted shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001). Why would the US government be snooping Canadian legal purchases? Well, the servers of the... Continue Reading →

Access to high-speed Internet for all Canadians

The federal and provincial governments have agreed to develop a long-term strategy to improve access to high-speed Internet for all Canadians. Not many know this, but in Vancouver, the ministers responsible for innovation and economic development said that connectivity to high-speed services is of paramount importance to the prosperity and well-being of Canadians. They want... Continue Reading →

Online Safety Basics

I've recently given a training on online safety at work and realize how little people know. Top 3 basic online safety advice: On Social Media platforms, please do not accept any friend requests from people you don't know. Some people are not honorable. Do not use the name of your spouse, kids or pets as... Continue Reading →

Where is the limit when it comes to manipulating the genetic code of humans?

As technology and science grows so must we. I personally think that we shouldn't be manipulating the genetic code of humans other than to cure medical illnesses until we have reached universal equality for all people. I fear that otherwise, would only turn genetic code manipulation into another weapon for the intolerant and power hungry... Continue Reading →

Why are recycling center catching fire?

Many batteries contain heavy metals like lead and mercury that can easily contaminate our drinking water if left to deteriorate in a landfill. This is why we can't throw batteries in the trash. This is why many think it's better to throw old batteries in the recycling bin. Unfortunately, that isn't right either. Did you... Continue Reading →

A day in computer support

Sometimes I wonder what people think computer support is all about. The paper dispenser in the kitchen fell off the wall. Somehow, the responsibility to fix it came to me as computer support. Makes perfect sense right?  I am giving a training on a mobile application that is now available to our clients if they are... Continue Reading →

Rear-View Camera

Did you know that starting May 1, 2018, all new light-duty vehicles manufactured for the Canadian market must be equipped with a rear-view camera? This means that even the basic models of the cheapest cars on the market will have to be equipped with a camera at the back and a screen to display it... Continue Reading →

Online Shopping

My entire wedding was pretty much ordered online through Etsy and Amazon. Issues can arise even with the best sites, good customer service can be the difference between a good purchase and a bad one. Before shopping online with a new seller, read customer reviews to see if other consumers have had positive or negative... Continue Reading →

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