Peggy Whitson – Space Station Commander

Over 200 astronauts have stepped into the vacuum of space. Here is a brief history of one of those courageous spacewalkers. Today marks Peggy Whitson's birthday.  Whitson is the first female Space Station Commander and has a doctorate in biochemistry. In June 2017, Withson broke the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman. She has... Continue Reading →


Cunnundrum and Flabergasting

There are some things and situations in this world that still manages to completely flabergast me. It still shocks me that every school my kid ever attended has called me and was surprised that I worked for a living. Most mothers I know have full-time jobs. The reality is you need two incomes to really... Continue Reading →

Change is scary, I get it

Managment sends an email to everyone announcing a new feature that is coming soon and that there will be a presentation/training from a third party to show everyone what it is and how it works on a specific date the following week. Within minutes of the email going out, half the staff gets on the... Continue Reading →

How to protect yourself against ransomware

Ransomware is an extortion technique that blocks the contents of your hard drive. It's a type of malware that infiltrates computers when opening a downloaded file on the Internet, an email attachment or the content of an infected USB stick, much like a computer virus. Certain ransomware, not only holds your data hostage but also threaten... Continue Reading →

Canadians embraces technology

According to Statistic Canada, Nearly all Canadians under the age of 45 (that's me!) use the Internet every day. I can vouch for that one. Even if I didn't have a blog, I still work on the Internet for my day job. Even my kids use the Internet to work on and submit homework. 76%... Continue Reading →

Arachnid is cleaning the web

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection situated in Winnipeg Canada has developed a new tool called Arachnid to combat the growing proliferation of child sexual abuse material on the Internet. The Arachnid is a very powerful automated crawler (robot) whose goal is to help reduce the online availability of child sexual abuse material and break the... Continue Reading →

What parents need to know about social media

When it comes to kids and technology, many parents said it's difficult to keep up. There is a multitude of applications that our youth can use on their phone or any other electronic devices. There are new ones coming out every other day. Many parents do not know what application their children use. Others know... Continue Reading →

Science isn’t a conspiracy

Science isn't a conspiracy. Science doesn't care what you say or believe, it is simply based on proven facts. The natural world does not care about your personal sentiments, facts aren't affected by beliefs or why you think science is a conspiracy. It's time to stop the temper tantrum and pay attention before all the... Continue Reading →

Cell phone freedom!!!

As announced by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC)  last June, starting December 1st, 2017, all cell phone sold in Canada have to be unlocked and suppliers will have to unlock phones free of charge for clients who request it. This news makes me really happy. Until recently, phones sold by vendors were locked. this... Continue Reading →

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