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Being a woman isn’t an insult

Being a woman shouldn't be an insult, but it's being used as one worldwide. It is really disturbing that "feminine" qualities are categorically considered as something inherently bad and "masculine" qualities are considered to be good and desirable. It speaks of... Continue Reading →

Support Groups

Have you ever taken a step back and wondered why there are so many support groups in the physical and online world? The biggest benefit to support groups is to find people that make us realise that we are not... Continue Reading →

Unsolicited Dick Pics

I find it quite shocking that so many people defend the guys sending the unsolicited dick pics to women. They feel that it's no big deal and that people should just ignore it and "get over it". That advice doesn't... Continue Reading →

Feeling disconnected?

I was wondering why so many people aren't more worried about our environment and resources. Maybe the reason why greed is winning over taking care of the source of human life is that we are too disconnected with the beauty... Continue Reading →

Hibah Rahmani – Rocket Engineer

Hibah Rahmani, is a Pakistani born woman, who survived the war in the Gulf, lived as a refugee in the desert and then became a rocket engineer at NASA. Hibah's family moved to Kuwait when she was a baby. Hibah... Continue Reading →

Review: Blackway

If you have been a victim of rape, domestic violence or/and stalking or if you are sensitive to those type of stories, please be warned that this movie might be a major trigger. This movie is very dark and extremely... Continue Reading →

Human Trafficking in Montreal

Montreal has become a centre for human trafficking. Many of the victims lured by pimps are being sold elsewhere through the province and the country. The facility for a criminal to make money by selling the body of a teen is... Continue Reading →

Not all men

No matter what subject that speaks about women's issue, there are always plenty of men who will just pop up in the comment section and say: "No!! Never have I done anything like this". No, we don't think that all... Continue Reading →

You should be proud of that higher education

It’s more common that people get a college and university degree for many reasons, such as necessity, affordability, etc. Just because more people are going to college and university, it doesn’t mean that it’s not an accomplishment to graduate and... Continue Reading →

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