How to win over our excessive paranoia

None of us have it all together; it’s a long journey of learning for all of us. No matter how safe or positive a situation may be, people suffering from anxiety (like me) will always think about all the things that could go wrong or not according to plan. For example, this year was the... Continue Reading →


Make it happen

Do you have a dream or a goal? Most of us have at least one if not multiple hopes and dreams. One of the most important thing you can do is stick your neck out and seek opportunity. Just because you deserve a raise, a promotion, or a company car, doesn’t mean it’s going to... Continue Reading →

The only person you can change is you

There’s only one person in this world you can truly change and that's yourself. Even that takes a tremendous amount of time and conscious effort. The only way you can change is through the conscious desire to do so and with lots of work, trials and patience. It may be tempting to try to change... Continue Reading →

What is sexism?

I often see feminism defined, less so for sexism, especially the type of sexism that isn't overly noticeable, the kind that is often brushed under the table. Sexism is not just wage inequality, discriminatory laws or the place of women in positions of power. Sexism also exist on the micro scale, in subtle, insidious, and... Continue Reading →

Why learning history is so important

I'm not a big fan of Kanye West as a musician and artist to start with but I do recognize that he has a successful career with an incredibly large fan base. This is why his words about slavery is dangerous. His words carry weight but his message is not thought out and comes from... Continue Reading →

Harper Lee – “How to Kill A Mockingbird”

Throughout history there are multiple examples of men taking or being given the credit for women's creations or inventions. In 2006, it was confirmed that Harper Lee was the true author of "To Kill A Mockingbird." Truman Capote wrote a letter praising Lee for her work, leading many to speculate that he was the book's... Continue Reading →

Why the Anti Seal Hunt activist must be careful not to include Inuits in their ban.

I know that I'm vegetarian, but I was raised Métis. So I know the proper way to hunt, respect wild life, prepare the meat and no waste anything. Wild meat that is healthier and taste better than anything you will find in grocery stores. Seal meat is used for food and clothing Inuit families. Families... Continue Reading →

Are you a dendrophile?

A dendrophile is someone who loves trees, forests. My home is surrounded by trees and I love it. I would be incomplete and miserable if I were not surrounded by trees. For the survival of the planet, we all need to be dendrophile. One of the most helpful things we could all do for the... Continue Reading →


April 7th marks Beaver Day. The beaver may be the national animal of Canada, but it can be found everywhere across North America. A large portion of the beaver population can be found in British Columbia and in lakes and streams all over the rest of Canada. The world’s largest beaver dam stretches 850 meters deep in... Continue Reading →

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