You could change someone’s life

Want to know how to change someone’s life? It may be easier than you think. When you find something that is good in someone, please tell her or him. It may be nothing for you, only a few seconds of your life, but it could change that person's life. Sharing our love for another human... Continue Reading →

Planning Ahead

Like many before me, I failed to plan ahead when it comes to insurance and now that I would need critical illness coverage, long term care or mortgage insurance, I’m no longer insurable. This is why planning ahead is a must. I am sharing my story in the hope that you will learn from my... Continue Reading →

Government Bailouts

The Canadian government has given billions in bailouts money and wrote off parts of their debt to industries such as GM to save Canadian jobs . Many of these companies turn around and moved jobs to other countries and did nothing to save their industry in Canada while they paid their executives millions in bonuses.... Continue Reading →

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