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What is gaslighting?

Gaslighting is a manipulative tactic that works to distort and erode your sense of reality. It a form of emotional and psychological abuse. It eats away at your ability to trust yourself. It is a common technique of abusers, dictators,... Continue Reading →

Amelia Earhart – Legacy of fearlessness

Today marks the birth date of Amelia Earhart, July 24th, 1897. Amelia Earhart was a woman who decided on a whim to learn to fly after watching an airshow at the Canadian National Exposition in Toronto and who would later... Continue Reading →

Suffering from Directional Confusion?

In elementary school, children learn about cardinal points (North, South, East, West). The teacher placed signs on the four walls of the classroom to help us understand which side was north, south, east and west. The students desks were all... Continue Reading →

Modern society is affecting parenting

There are no difficult children. The problem is that children are growing up in a world where people are tired, busy, lacking patience and pressed for time. As a mother and a stepmother with a full-time job and chronic illness,... Continue Reading →

Learning to Shut Up

In this day and age, is it possible to abstain from commenting? Making the decision to keep quiet when you realise that you have nothing to constructive to contribute should not need the use of words, that's technically the contrary of... Continue Reading →

Diversity & Inclusion

Few countries in the world can match Canada’s embrace of immigration and the integration of immigrants into our communities. In terms of immigration, the Government of Quebec has always been at the forefront. In 1968, Quebec had a Ministry of... Continue Reading →

Living Wage

If we take a step back the issue of living wages should be simple. Anyone who has a full-time job should earn a living wage. Families should earn an income sufficient for them to pay for the basic necessities of... Continue Reading →

Alice Paul – Women’s right to vote

Women’s history has been basically excluded from the classroom text books in public schools. This is why I chose to speak about this woman who influence the course of history. Alice Paul was a rights activist and a suffragist who... Continue Reading →

Body Mass Index – Poor Indicator of Health

As recently confirmed by one of my doctors, fat isn't the synonym for unhealthy. When it comes to defining what body weight is considered healthy, one type of measurement does not fit all. There are too many factors that will determine... Continue Reading →

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