Words that shouldn’t be taboo

Ovaries. Fallopian Tubes. Uterus. Vagina. Vulva. Labia. Clitoris. Why should women have to hide the existence of their periods? Women shouldn't have to be ashamed of getting their periods. If these words make you uncomfortable then you are a fucking child and you need to grow the fuck up. (I'm in a mood. Don't push.)


You were fine yesterday!

Just because someone is living with chronic pain / fibromyalgia doesn’t mean that they have the same amount of pain all the time. Conditions that cause chronic pain are unpredictable and have flare-ups and periods where it isn’t as bad. It’s quite possible to feel good enough one day to make it to an event,... Continue Reading →

How Fibromyalgia can affect your style

My fashion style has changed since I started showing symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Comfort is now a priority. I can no longer handle putting on a wired bra. In summer, I opt for summer dresses. I find them comfortable and freeing. I've heard that some even cut their hair short because it's easier to maintain. I'm... Continue Reading →

You are not responsible for your health conditions

I can't repeat this enough. You are not responsible for your health conditions. When I was told I had a incurable chronic illness some people try to tell me what I should have done different not to get sick. People do this instinctively because they are afraid of being in the same situation. If they... Continue Reading →

We are more than our body

Unfortunately, we live in a society that says if we can’t do what everyone else can do, we are somehow less. If we could change our situations, we would. You do not deserve to be rejected and isolated. Sometime it can feel like you do, but I promise you that no matter what you are... Continue Reading →

Why weekends are the worst

Everyone looks forward to the weekend, right? The weekend can be a double edge sword for individuals suffering from chronic illness. I'm not faking being sick. I've been faking being well. It may look like I have my life in order, but it's far from the truth. You wouldn’t ever guess I have suicidal tendencies.... Continue Reading →

Pool Therapy

I always loved summer. I live in Canada, so summer is such a beautiful yet way too short season. It's important to take advantage every moment of it. I've always been an outdoorsy person. I love camping (tent optional), hiking, geocaching, canoeing, swimming, etc. That's why getting Fibromyalgia, losing control over my own body and... Continue Reading →

Happy Father’s Day

On this special day. I want to give a special shout out to ... The father who deals with the baby's crying, who cradles him, who changes his diapers and who teaches him the first words.  To the father who is not "helping" the mother, but being a responsible father.  To bottle-feeding fathers who seek remedies... Continue Reading →


If you live in the city, it's easy to go years without your feet don’t touching earth’s soil anymore. Especially with all of the warnings about lime disease out there. I've always needed time outside, in nature, touching the earth, swimming in lakes, passing time around a campfire. Whenever I pass too much time in... Continue Reading →

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