Why I love fall

September 22nd marks the first day of fall. Although I am sad that the summer has gone and that we had to close the pool, there is a lot about this season that I also love. The beautiful colors the leaves takes in the fall. To watch leaves fall on a windy day.


Bye Summer; You will be missed

September 21st marks the last day of summer. Summer is by far my favorite season and being in Canada it's such a short one! I will miss sitting in the sun on my back porch next to the pool. I will miss swimming in that pool and all the good it did to my chronic... Continue Reading →

Find your happiness today

Have you ever thought that you would be happy when you get the job, the promotion, the house, the car or when you will find love? Achieving your goals and dreams are important, but don't link happiness to their success. Imagining that you will achieve happiness in the future is the best way to miss... Continue Reading →

Life is short

"If you don’t dare to try and chase your dreams, you'll rob yourself the joy of doing it. Don't just dream it."- Serena Williams Live your life without any imagined limits, because you will never know when your time comes or when illness will strike taking away your ability to do what you've put on... Continue Reading →

Female Beauty

We've all heard it. "Want to lose weight before your wedding day, but don’t know where to start, buy our guide and product" "You're such a pretty girl, but you would be so much prettier if you lost weight." Women are questioned just for existing. "A culture fixated on female thinness is not an obsession... Continue Reading →

Spontaneous Road Trips

I love spontaneous road trips. I love visiting new places and seeing new sites and discovering new scenic roads. It's the perfect activity for someone like me who has issues walking or/and with exhaustion. It's stress free, relaxing and freeing. We now have a Jeep, this summer we were able to travel without a roof... Continue Reading →

What charities truly need

The most difficult thing in the street is the eyes of others. We need powerful reminders of the human story behind homelessness. Most people never connect food insecurity with sanitary product insecurity, Buy sanitary pads and tampons and donate them to a homeless shelter. Just do it. For example, some women and girls in Nunavut... Continue Reading →

We need better pain treatment and support

We all try to stay positive but sometimes we need to vent and get it all out! Living with a chronic illness, often mean that your days are long and difficult. Most people will look at you and think that you are perfectly healthy, but that's far from he truth. You are constantly trying to... Continue Reading →

Beware of sharks?

You may think sharks are the most dominant marine predator, but you'd be wrong. Sharks are beautiful fierce majestic amazing animals. Yes they are definitely what I would call the top predator of the sea, but that's for sea life not human life. The odds of being attacked by a shark is 1 in 3,748,067.... Continue Reading →

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