Genocide is still happening

Genocide is still happening and it's unacceptable. Y'all swear we live in a "sensitive" era. No, we live in an era of ACCOUNTABILITY. You're now seeing the era of people who are looking to break generational cycles and curses and realize that most of the problematic shit we've let ride in the past wasn't OK... Continue Reading →


Holding in your farts

Holding in your farts isn't healthy. An accumulation of intestinal gas can trigger abdominal distension. Some gases are absorbed into the circulation which isn't healthy. It can even cause inflammation of the colon. I will always remember sitting in a restaurant and having a discussion with my best friend new boyfriend about women's biology. He... Continue Reading →

Ecological anxiety

Ecological anxiety is a phenomenon that is gaining in importance. It is characterized by a kind of existential distress caused by environmental changes. Ecological conscious people feel a great deal of fear and deep sadness thinking about the future. They also feel a lot of anger at their own helplessness or at the inaction of... Continue Reading →

Parents’ mental health matters

Parents' mental health matters. Parents mental health issues often get pushed aside because it's simply not a priority. When a child is born, the persons who brought this child to existence take second place. The fact that there is a lack of coordinated resources to address mental health issues doesn't help. For some parents the... Continue Reading →

National Dog Day

August 26th is National Dog Day. Friendly reminder that no matter how friendly and sweet your dog is, it’s never okay to let them run up on another dog without getting permission from that dog’s owner for them to meet. This happens often when we walk our dog in our neighbourhood. While your dog might... Continue Reading →

Nerds & Geeks

Nerds & Geeks. July 5th marks the beginning of ComicCon Montreal. This is bigger than Christmas in our household. Unfortunately, this will be the first year since ComicCon Montreal has started that I won't be attending due to lack of funds. I'm still going to be there in spirit. Even after loosing the ability to... Continue Reading →

To be open-minded

To be open-minded we have to remove our personal biases and prejudices from every situation. We must be able to completely immerse ourselves in another experience without applying our biases and prejudices. Our perception of the world influence the way we act and interact with other people and events. That should go without saying. Every... Continue Reading →

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