Becoming vegetarian is a personal choice

I've been officially a vegetarian for over 2 decades now. It's a transition that happened slowly and naturally. Looking back, there are hints from childhood that I would become a vegetarian the moment I was given autonomy over my food choices. I never liked the taste of meat, any meat. I would cover everything in... Continue Reading →


Hot and Spicy

Apparently, eating hot and spicy food can help you live longer. That's good news for me. I should be immortal by now! 😛 I love eating spicy food. My first experience with hot sauce started out as a prank. I was at a friend's house after school. We were both in the 5th grade. She... Continue Reading →

Missing out on life?

There's a strange assumption that I keeping coming across by family, friends and people who have just met me. Many seem to think I’m missing out on life and must be kind of sad that I can’t eat meat and they cannot be more wrong. Yes, I don’t like meat. People become vegetarian for numerous... Continue Reading →

Vegetarians Can Barbecue

I know it's shocking, but vegetarians can barbecue. The outdoor grill can be used to grill more than just meat. Why this post? I shared my excitement at finding really good vegetarian barbecue recipes in the local journal while having breakfast in a restaurant on Facebook. I shared my excitement at finding really good vegetarian... Continue Reading →

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