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The elevator pitch

This blog is written by an introvert, a mother, a businesswoman (working in tech support), a chronic illness sufferer, and dealing with two mental illness: anxiety and depression. I care about the planet, my fellow human beings, diversity and inclusion.

I do have sidekicks who help me with certain subjects or sometimes, just to keep my dyslexia and my multi-languages in check.


I’m an introvert. This means my mind is always thinking about some subject or another. I’m much better at communicating through writing than I am verbally. This is how the blog idea started.


beach-768642_1920I’ve always been interested in my footprint in this world ever since I was very young, living in a small village in the middle of nowhere. I’m not exaggerating, the village doesn’t even show up on maps. I’ve participated in marches, written letters to the government, made phone calls, made my vote count, signed petition. I refuse to wait until someone else will fix the issue. I think it’s up to each one of us to make sure our human rights are achieved and protected.

Métis (First Nation – Mixed)

I later moved to the city when my dad got transferred to a new job. I am now all grown up with a family of my own.  The adjustment was a little rough. Like my mixed racial background, I am now able to mix with both the rural and urban world, not fully fitting in either, but able to find my place in both.

Physical & Mental Health

I struggle with a couple of chronic illness, both diagnosed (Fibromyalgia, Graves Disease, Hyperthyroidism, Sleep Apnea, etc.) and still to be diagnosed. I talk about this a lot because it affects every aspect of life.

I also struggle with depression and generalized anxiety. So does my biological daughter.

I want you to know that I’m speaking from my personal experience, and that if you or someone you know may be living with mental illness, please talk to a licensed and qualified medical professional, because I am not a doctor.

What this blog is about

#weekend - TopicsWithPassion.blogI mainly talk about subjects that bring out a passionate response in myself and others. I am happy to discuss with people coming from a similar and different point of view. I talk about parenting, relationships, health and chronic illnesses, business, human rights, politics, etc. I also write about lighter subjects when the mood strikes.

I have been told that it’s better to stick to one subject, but I’m a little stubborn and I need to be true to myself.

This blog is run by me. It’s largely about my opinions, thoughts, experiences. I’m human, I struggle, I have highs and lows and I always strive to connect with others in an introverted fashion.

This site isn’t monetized or sponsored for now. It’s just a simple blog very much in it’s growing and learning phase. We did set up a donation page in case you are willing to encourage us along the way.


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