Seeking contentedness

We hear a lot about seeking happiness, but what about seeking contentedness? Learning to find peace in the way things are in the present moment is a big undertaking for many of us. We are never satisfied with what we already have. If you are anything like me, you are in a constant state of... Continue Reading →

I messed up

I messed up recently. I lost my brand new prescription renewing my pills. I called the doctor's office to get a copy sent to my pharmacy only to learn that she is on vacation until the end of the month. I'm okay until then for most of my medications, but I'm already out of my... Continue Reading →

Let it go

Let it go. Please don't start to sing, because I'll have to join as I know every single lyrics by heart (I have 3 kids) and I really have zero talent when it comes to singing out loud. 😛 Your inner peace is more important than figuring out why it didn't go the way you... Continue Reading →

Rest and silence

Silence and rest are two precious goods that we all need in our lives. Rest and silence are almost a luxury in our daily lives, but we must be aware that these are also things necessary for our health. They are a luxury, a gift that we sometimes offer when our schedule and our obligations... Continue Reading →

Words Matter – Gender Edition

Words Matter - Gender Edition. There has been progress, but much remains to be done and many challenges to overcome for a gender-equal world. August 26th marks women equality day. This is why I decided to write about why words matters when it comes to gender. You can be a firm believer in equality, but... Continue Reading →

Going the distance

As much as you may be doubting it right now, you are going the distance. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. When mental or physical health issues consumes your life and breaks you down. When you are in so much pain that you are nearly drowning. When you wonder how bad... Continue Reading →

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate among mental health disorders. It's time that we take this issue seriously. People affected by eating disorders can not afford to wait. The incidence of children (younger and younger) with eating disorders is rising at an alarming rate. Eating disorders are much more common than you think. When... Continue Reading →

How to deal with anger

Do you ever wonder how to deal with anger? Do you struggle with anger? Here are some tips that can help. Problem Solving Skills Since problems are inherent in human existence and therefore often unavoidable, it is advisable to adopt the best attitude in order to be able to overcome the frustration provoked by the... Continue Reading →

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