We all struggle

Not everyone experiences the same kind, but life does offer each person struggle in some way. Kindness begins with the understanding that we all struggle in some way. There is no true way to ever be fully prepared for hard times. It's okay not to be okay. We all have our struggles. When faced with... Continue Reading →

Tarana Burke – Activist

Tarana Burke is the creator of the #metoo campaign. Burke created it back in 1997 because she's a survivor of sexual violence and she wanted to create a safe place for survivors and people who truly empathize to support each other. It is an important campaign because women have been suffering in silence for way... Continue Reading →

Bye Summer; You will be missed

September 21st marks the last day of summer. Summer is by far my favorite season and being in Canada it's such a short one! I will miss sitting in the sun on my back porch next to the pool. I will miss swimming in that pool and all the good it did to my chronic... Continue Reading →

Don’t take anyone for granted

When you’re with someone a really long time, it's sometime easy to get too comfortable and take that person for granted. That lustful kiss you used to plant on each other at the end of a long day can morph into a chaste peck on the forehead that can then morph into barely a look... Continue Reading →

Try something new

Right now is the perfect time to start living, to start working on that goal you've been putting on the back burner. Don't wait for the perfect time because it will never come. What you are failing to see that that right now, this exact minute is the perfect time you've been waiting for. It's... Continue Reading →

Fuck Off

Tell them like it is. Bear responsibility. Take power back. It's okay to get mad. Don't keep it all inside. Say it with your eyes. Say it with your actions. Say it in your head. Say it out loud. Say it by walking away. Say it however you want, just make sure you say it.... Continue Reading →

Depression is much more than simple unhappiness

Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide. It is much more than simple unhappiness. It hurts. Not just emotionally, but physically too. If you think you have depression, talk to someone you trust & seek professional help. I was barely functional when I went to see my doctor. Ever since I take depression medication,... Continue Reading →

There’s no room for hate

There’s no room for hate. We have to love and respect each other. Yes, I'm willing to risk losing friendships because someone is homophobic, trans-phobic, sexist or racist if they refuse to do better. Humans rights aren't a question about opinion. They are human rights. Everyone should be standing for them. Everyone should be standing... Continue Reading →

Open mindedness make you likeable

Being open-minded makes you more likeable. Why? Open-minded people are more approachable and interesting to others.  No one wants to have a conversation with someone who has already formed an opinion and is unwilling to listen to anyone else's point of view. Having an open mind is also crucial in the workplace. Being approachable approachable... Continue Reading →

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