I am sometimes 100% guilty of this

In the blogging  business, I see many writers rush to write stories that are new and popular to get part of the initial viral follow that is sure to come. I always react so much slower to subject feeling uncomfortable to write about upcoming stories. I didn't know why at first and then recently it... Continue Reading →

Fear to be alone

Many deal with the fear to be alone. Be assured that it's never too late to find love. I found it in my late 30s with a teenager under my care. He also had children from a previous relationship. No one's journey is the same. Please don't make the mistake of prioritizing being in a... Continue Reading →

When you are too quiet

This is a struggle that most introvert have faced. Introverts tend to be quiet individuals. When you are too silent, you come across as unfriendly without meaning it. When you meet new people, you are quiet. When you are in group situations, you are quiet. When you are having a rough day, you are quiet. People... Continue Reading →

Open the lines of communication

Opening the lines of communication could save your relationship If your friendship or your love life is not working or you have something that is bugging you, talk about it. Do not keep it bottled up on the inside, open the lines of communication. If you can't even talk about issues with the person you... Continue Reading →

Is stress impacting your mental health?

Feelings of numbness or detachment are a strong sign that your stress is impacting your mental health. There can be times when stress becomes excessive and too much to deal with. This pressure can make us feel overwhelmed or unable to cope. It can feel like you are burning the candle at both ends. Feeling... Continue Reading →

The rights of men are sacred

The rights of men are sacred, but for those of the other half of humanity, we still have to negotiate, and there isn't a places on earth where the phallocentric idiots don't close the ranks and attempt to keep control over women's bodies. This pathological obsession with the control of women's bodies, but especially their... Continue Reading →

What social anxiety does to you

Social anxiety is the fear of being judged negatively by others, leading to feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, self-consciousness, embarrassment, humiliation, and depression. If you suffer from social anxiety, you end up dreading events you should have been excited about attending. You end up dreading attending house parties, birthday dinners, etc. Instead of counting down the... Continue Reading →

Transfer large files to anyone

There are amazing free tools available for all on the internet. WeTransfer a great way to transfer large files that won't fit in an email. You can transfer up to 2GB. You can decide how long the file is available for download. You can password protect the downloads for additional protection. It's super easy to... Continue Reading →

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