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Freedom isn’t a guarantee

We all get comfortable in our freedoms, assuming we’ll never have to defend them. However,  these freedoms can be ripped away in the blink of the eye, in the change of governmental power, and on the whims of a select... Continue Reading →

Climate of hatred

Hate crimes are on the rise in Canada. As much as we hate to admit it. There has always been a history of racism in our country. I do believe that most Canadian strive to better ourselves and be all... Continue Reading →

Against Racism?

If you write and/or talk about racism every day but allow your friends and family members to spew racist shit without calling it out, you are failing to stand for your beliefs and you are in fact contributing to racism. I... Continue Reading →

RAI treatment – Personal Experience

Graves' disease is an incurable autoimmune disease that leads to the overactivity of the thyroid gland, which is called hyperthyroidism. Graves' disease can also cause mental illness such as depression and anxiety. It did with me. I was first treated with... Continue Reading →

White Male Anger in Canada?

I read a lot of blogs, articles, newspapers, books, etc. I see a lot of white male supremacist who are obviously angered by the idea of female equality and lash out as often as they can, both online and through real world... Continue Reading →

Suffering from Directional Confusion?

In elementary school, children learn about cardinal points (North, South, East, West). The teacher placed signs on the four walls of the classroom to help us understand which side was north, south, east and west. The students desks were all... Continue Reading →


It is in my opinion that there should be no more obstruction to sterilisation in a woman than in a man. Men can get sterilisation at will, but women are not accorded the same luxury. In my early 20s, I... Continue Reading →

How to plan the perfect Geek Wedding

Looking for some inspiration for your Geek Themed Wedding? This is how we customised our wedding to reflect our love of science fiction. Our wedding invitations were inspired by Doctor who. We got them from TiarrArts on Etsy.  The package included Saved... Continue Reading →

Arrival – Movie Review

Arrival isn't your usual action pack science fiction movie. It stand apart and I appreciated that. As a movie watcher, I enjoy having a variety of movie to watch, instead of watching the same "winning" formula repeated movie after movie.... Continue Reading →

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