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Mental Illness & Love

Relationships are challenging for anyone, healthy or not, but for someone battling a mental health condition, that illness can often hinder more than help, especially before it is diagnosed and aren't aware of what's going on. It's easy when you... Continue Reading →

I do it for me

There are some people who believe that women wear high heels to show off our butts for men to enjoy, that we paint our faces to look prettier for men, that we lure men with scents or/and we change our... Continue Reading →

Addressing the question of sex work & human rights

Trigger Warning: Discussion of discrimination, domestic violence, rape, slavery,  violence  I have heard many activist stating that to be “pro-sex work” supporting human rights. I personally do not feel that being "pro-sex work" is the proper human rights approach. The reason why... Continue Reading →

Why we need to safe places for male chronic illness sufferers

I didn't think I would be mentioning sexism when talking about illnesses, but it recently came to light that men have a harder time talking about chronic illness because they are constantly told that they are not allowed to talk... Continue Reading →

When education isn’t valued

Contrary to the adage, ignorance is not bliss. Ignorance is behind every sexist thought, behind every racist belief, it put lives in dangers, etc. The anti-intellectual strain has been around and growing for a long time, but the election of... Continue Reading →

What defines you?

Who am I? What defines me? These are questions that almost everyone will ask themselves at some point in their life and maybe more than once as life changes. The answer is more than just your given name, of course,... Continue Reading →

Autoimmune diseases are incurable

As you may already know, I have been diagnosed with Graves' Disease approximately a year ago. Graves' Disease is an autoimmune disease. Normally, your immune system uses antibodies to help protect against viruses, bacteria and other foreign substances that invade your... Continue Reading →

Going Nuclear

I have Graves Disease, which is an incurable autoimmune illness. The Graves Disease caused my body to develop Hyperthyroidism.  This part is treatable by either killing or removing the thyroid. I have been taking medication to calm the hyperthyroidism for... Continue Reading →

International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia

Love is beautiful no matter where you find it and who you find it with. I'm not homosexual, but if I were I would want the same rights that I have now as an heterosexual. Everyone deserves to be treated... Continue Reading →

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