Outside the comfort zone

If you haven't taken any resolution this year, I suggest that you get rid of a limiting belief that you have about yourself and your ability. I invite all of us to step out of our comfort zone so that we can reach the zone where the magic happens. I'm not talking about New Years... Continue Reading →

Why is Sir John A. Macdonald still an official commemorative day in Canada?

January 11th is Sir Jonh A. Macdonald Day in Canada. I'm wondering why is Sir John A.  Macdonald still an official commemorative day in Canada? He was removed on our $5 bills after all. Yes, he was the 1st prime minister of Canada. It was an important moment in our country's history and yes, we... Continue Reading →

The 5 Rules of life I live by

If you dream about peeing, get up and go to the bathroom. Do not mess with prophetic dreams. If someone gives up their seat on public transport because they assume you are pregnant, don't get offended, take the seat and get comfortable. Don't wait until you are on your deathbed to tell people how you... Continue Reading →

Vulnerable migrants and refugees have become an easy target

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau campaigned to welcome 25,000 Syrian refugees a few months after taking office. In office in November 2015, the Liberals fulfilled this key promise at the end of February 2016. If our country export armaments which causes human beings to run for their lives and seek a safer country, than we are... Continue Reading →

Weight and Chronic Illnesses

Let’s face it, few people are really happy with their weight, but having all these medications just to be able to survive one day takes a toll on your weight. People with fibromyalgia gain weight, due to lack of sleep there is a reduction in metabolism, being a central nervous system problem the body does... Continue Reading →

Jupiter’s moons

On this day, January 7th, in 1610 Galileo Galilei, an Italian astronomer, physicist and engineer, discovered three of Jupiter’s moons; Io, Europa and Ganymede. Here are some facts about Jupiter and it's moons: Ganymede is the largest of Jupiter's moons. It's larger than the planet Mercury. Calypso is the 2nd largest of Jupiter's moons. It's... Continue Reading →

Nobody chooses prostitution

This is so important to grasp. The media glamorizes prostitution and presents the illusion that it’s sexually liberating for women, and sex industry lobbyists claim that it’s just regular work. There’s nothing normal or empowering about prostitution.  The fact is that prostitution intertwines with gendered violence, psychological trauma, rape, slavery and impoverishment. Even in countries... Continue Reading →

Establishing stability

I want to find a sense of symmetry and balance. I want to cultivate a greater sense of security in my home, love, and working life. That all starts with me. I will make sure I'm not spending too much of my time and resources on any one thing. I will resolve to step back... Continue Reading →

Golden Gate Bridge

On this day in 1933 construction of the Golden Gate Bridge started in San Francisco, USA. The Golden Gate bridge is one of the most internationally recognized symbols of San Francisco. It's one of the most photographed bridge in the world. Here are some facts about the Golden Gate Bridge you may not be aware... Continue Reading →

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