Why are people worried about tattoos?

It fascinates me that some people are still worried about tattoos and what it means to have them. I would think that there are enough of us out there now a days to normalize them. I personally have multiple tattoo and people are often curious at how I came to the decision of having a... Continue Reading →


Why the deadline?

Why the deadline? How many times have you seen an article stating a list of must do before you turn "xx"? Why the deadline?  Are you really telling us that we have to do this by "xx" because when we turn that number, we are too old to have fun and go on adventures? Are you really... Continue Reading →

Fear of Aging

Fear of Aging Last year I made a personal decision. I changed my hair colour. Actually, I decided to stop using hair colouring and let my real self-shine. I'm in my late 30's and most of my hair is as white as pure snow.  I always loved my hair and sometimes a change of place is exactly... Continue Reading →

Age doesn’t define you

Age doesn't define you A co-worker sitting in the cubicle behind mind had just turned 30 and was complaining about all the things she could no longer do because of her age. Not only was the items on the list full of prejudice and discriminatory belief based on a person’s age, but she applied these... Continue Reading →

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