Your struggle is valid

Whether you are dealing with trauma, physical or mental illness or anything else, your struggle is valid. Whether there is someone else in this world that has it worse than you, your struggle is still valid. Do not let anyone tell you that you don't have the right somehow to feel the feelings that you... Continue Reading →

I must have done something wrong

Living with anxiety is a challenge to say the least. It can make you think that someone is always mad at you. Even if you can't come up with a single reason why, you are certain you have done something wrong. Even if it's someone else fumble, you feel responsible for it. Someone in your... Continue Reading →

Dial down your expectations of yourself

Are you struggling? Dial down your expectations of yourself.  You will feel a bit of relief. Some of the weight on your shoulders will feel lighter. When you are struggling, you should soften your expectations of yourself and others. You should also take better care of yourself. Doing so will ensure you get through this... Continue Reading →

Use social media and video games

Anxiety can feel like drowning.  Anxiety can fill the lungs to the point of suffocation. If this is how you feel, ask for some love and tenderness from your friends on social media. Let them comment on your post and remind you that you’re loved. Use social media and video games to change your mind... Continue Reading →

What is hyper-fixation?

Many individuals struggling with mental illness experience hyper-fixation. What is hyper-fixation exactly? Essentially it’s being completely immersed in something and forgetting about everything else. It's a way to protect oneself from everything that we can't deal with in that moment. It's a way to get a break from the pressure of mental illness. It's a... Continue Reading →

Anxiety robs you of sleep

Anxiety messes with your sleeping schedule. Anxiety robs you of sleep. It can be hard for you to get a full 8 hours of rest when your mind won’t shut off. The disruption of sleep is likely to keep you feeling more on edge the next day. In the morning, you might not get as... Continue Reading →

Getting wrapped up in worries

I have written numerous blog post about worrying. I'm not a stranger of getting wrapped up in worries. When you suffer from anxiety, you feel uncomfortable, even when there is nothing to worry about. Sometimes your anxiety hits you out of nowhere. You don’t have any big meetings or interviews to stress over, but your heartbeat... Continue Reading →

When you are too quiet

This is a struggle that most introvert have faced. Introverts tend to be quiet individuals. When you are too silent, you come across as unfriendly without meaning it. When you meet new people, you are quiet. When you are in group situations, you are quiet. When you are having a rough day, you are quiet. People... Continue Reading →

Why I keep my phone on silent

I always keep my phone on silent or vibrate. When I receive a text or a call, nine time out of ten, I am not in the mood to answer it.  The are many reason for this. Anxiety I realized how much anxiety came from sudden phone calls or texts I wasn’t expecting. Sounds make... Continue Reading →

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