Proper Medication Disposal

May 7th, is asthma awareness day. Out of a family of 5 people, 4 have asthma at varying degrees. I wanted to take the time today to speak about proper medication disposal. Holding on to used, unused or expired medications including used patches is not a risk worth taking. To prevent theft, problematic use or... Continue Reading →


Golfer’s Day

April 10th is golfer’s day. Golf is one of the oldest sports in history. The modern version of the sport was invented in 1457 in Scotland. I used to play golf back in college. I was pretty good at it too. I got into golf because it was a sport I could practice without having... Continue Reading →

Are they kidding me?

I went to the pharmacy to renew my pain medication. This time, the pharmacist handed me a piece of paper from the Canadian federal government warning about the use of opioids. I started reading it and thought somebody must be kidding me. The possible side effects stated are: Mental Illness such as depression. I was... Continue Reading →

Dealing with a judgmental pharmacist

Last year I was diagnosed with Graves Disease, Hyperthyroidism and Thyroid Cancer. My doctors also suspect I have another auto-immune illness that they have yet to identify. Since then there has a lot of prescriptions changes and adjustment and I'm still getting tested every month and my prescriptions are revised every time. I was shocked... Continue Reading →

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