What is beauty?

What is beauty? Beauty isn't physical. Judging a person on their outside features is like judging a book by its cover. What is on the outside doesn't reflect the true beauty of a person. True beauty is about having a kind heart and beautiful mind. I remember working in a warehouse as a teenager, looking... Continue Reading →


Fat-Shaming is Abuse

Fat-Shaming is Abuse. For decades now, society has had an obsession with weight. From early childhood and throughout life, women receive a lot of pressure to be thin and this pressure comes from so many directions (Family, Friends, Teachers, Advertisement, Media, etc.). Fat women on the internet endure systemic prejudice, bias, violent and abusive comments... Continue Reading →

Body Mass Index is a Poor Indicator of Health

Body Mass Index is a Poor Indicator of Health. As recently confirmed by one of my doctors, fat isn't the synonym for unhealthy. When it comes to defining what body weight is considered healthy, one type of measurement does not fit all. There are too many factors that will determine health: genetics, race, gender, environment, etc.... Continue Reading →

Beauty Standards

Beauty standards are ridiculous and completely invented by a beauty industry who doesn't care about the women it sells to as long as they are making profit and people are falling for it. In January they started selling tape so that women will tape the back of their necks and look like they just had a... Continue Reading →

Beauty Magazines are laughing at us

Beauty magazines are filled with much more advertising pages than with actual content. There is very little substance to those type of magazine and yet, they make so much money. They have companies paying them to put ads in their magazines and people purchasing their magazines. Yet, a very little budget is put on writing... Continue Reading →

Body Positivist

I'm posting this in January because numerous people make New Year's resolution to lose weight or shape up. Most of us do so for the wrong reasons. Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and colour. This is why representation is so important. We need to see a greater variety of beautiful women and men. Don't let... Continue Reading →

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