It could be worse

When I have a bad day, being told that it could have it worse and that I should be thankful isn't very helpful. I never said I wasn’t thankful. I am grateful I can still walk, I just wish every step wasn’t excruciating pain. I am quite aware that many have it worse than me. It's... Continue Reading →


Stop apologizing for everything

I write about apologizing too much a lot because I struggle with it. I now know that I don't need to apologize for everything. Yet, I'm constantly apologizing to my loved ones when something goes wrong and someone is not feeling well as if it was my fault. I also keep apologizing for my chronic illness,... Continue Reading →

You look in pain

One thing I hear a lot is ‘you look like you’re hurting really bad today.’ Yes, I am. I'm in pain every day. If you are seeing the pain it's because it's really bad and I don't have the energy to hide it. I am still trying. I’m still working. I'm still pushing through and... Continue Reading →

Vacation isn’t a luxury

It is sometimes difficult to take a break or vacation for many people, especially in this society that puts performance at the expense of health. A guilt can tip the tip of the nose at the slightest stop, which often creates the feeling of being weak and not doing enough. Yet, taking time for yourself... Continue Reading →

When you can’t afford short-term sick leave

Yesterday, I met with my general doctor. She confirmed that I was in the middle of a major depressive episode. She asked that I see a psychologist on top of upping my current depression and anxiety meds. She also strongly recommended that I take a month off work to concentrate on getting better. In a... Continue Reading →

When the “reliable one” gets sick

I have always been the reliable one both in my private and professional life. I take pride in my work and go the extra mile to make sure all is done and everyone gets what they want. I'm not a pushover, but I never say: "This isn't my problem." The problem with being reliable is... Continue Reading →

Chronic Illness & Exulansis

If you have a chronic illness or an invisible illness, you have probably tried to explain what you are going through to people only to find out that they are unable to relate. You can read hundreds of post and online comments that will all say the same thing. People have a difficult time understanding... Continue Reading →

Modern society is affecting parenting

There are no difficult children. The problem is that children are growing up in a world where people are tired, busy, lacking patience and pressed for time. As a mother and a stepmother with a full-time job and chronic illness, I related to this. I am constantly wishing I had more time to dedicate to... Continue Reading →

Chronic pain flare up sucks. How sitting on your ass makes you more independent

Starting or even completing house chores can be cumbersome when chronic fatigue or pain strikes. Standing and moving around for too long can easily take its toll on you. By using a chair or a stool as an aide, it will help you to not overexert yourself. I now have a seat in the shower... Continue Reading →

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