This is how it’s always been

Just because something has always been done in a particular way, doesn't mean that there isn't a better way. I hate it when people say "this is how it's always been." "I hate when people are like: "the world's a cruel place, just get used to it." That's a terrible mentality! Never accept cruelty and... Continue Reading →


I am exhausted

I am exhausted. My body sleeps, but my soul doesn't find rest. Emotional exhaustion is no joke. In this day in age, we rarely have free time to devote to ourselves, to relax, to put our brain at rest and to think of nothing. There is always work, children, relationships, the home, health and finances.... Continue Reading →

Take care of your mental health

Take care of your mental health. Your mental health affect all aspects of life: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Some people think that living in denial or in hiding is a proof of strength. It isn't. Acknowledging and seeking help shows just how strong you really are. It takes great courage to face our messy... Continue Reading →

Going the distance

As much as you may be doubting it right now, you are going the distance. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. When mental or physical health issues consumes your life and breaks you down. When you are in so much pain that you are nearly drowning. When you wonder how bad... Continue Reading →

I didn’t choose depression

I didn't choose depression. No one chooses depression. I did not wish that darkness and suffering enters my life. No one wishes to suffer from depression, a mental illness that makes life even more difficult than it already is. We all have my own battles. People with who are open about their depression aren't looking... Continue Reading →

Dealing with grief and change

Dealing with grief and change can be quite difficult. Mourning is not just about death, it's what people feel after losing a loved one whether it's the lost of a friendship, a lost pet, etc. It's important to understand that everyone experiences mourning and loss in his own way. So if you aren't handling it... Continue Reading →

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