Life is not about being perfect

Life is not about being perfect, we are constantly evolving. It is essential to express ourselves when we are not well and not let it all bottle up on the inside. There are certain moments in life when we are not well, and it's human. I haven't met anyone whose life has been perfectly happy... Continue Reading →


Psychiatric Hospitalizations

There are strong and violent prejudices surrounding psychiatric hospitalizations. These are extremely toxic to the well-being of those affected by mental health disorders. Mental health issues are challenging. Mental health issues aren't a choice and can affect anyone at any time. Most people who have been hospitalized experience extreme guilt and embarrassment about the situation.... Continue Reading →

Children’s Mental Health

Children's mental health is an issue in Canada and many other countries. Mental illness is a killer disease it harms us to an extend of suicidal thoughts. I started to ask for help for my child a year ago, but couldn't get any because she wasn't depressed enough yet. They waited until she was suicidal... Continue Reading →

Have a good night sleep

Having a good night sleep is much more important than one thinks. Having a disturbed sleep has consequences on physical, mental and cognitive health. What is the consequences of not having a good night sleep? Chronic insomnia is potentially a disease that puts you at greater risk of developing physical, mental and cognitive illnesses. The... Continue Reading →

Thankful for my struggles

I am thankful for my struggles with physical and mental health. Without them I wouldn't have found my voice or known how strong I could be. Remember that no matter what your struggle is, it is valid. Whether you are dealing with trauma, physical or mental illness or anything else, your struggle is valid. Whether... Continue Reading →

Sharing your story

Sharing your story with someone is a sign of strength. Everyone needs their thoughts, feelings, and opinions to be heard and validated, but it can be difficult to share. As the listener, it is human nature to want to jump in and help fix things, but it may not be a solution that your friend... Continue Reading →

You aren’t a burden

You aren't a burden. Please do not let the idea that you may be a burden to someone stop you for reaching out for support when you need it. The last thing your love ones want is for you to go out of your way to ease their imagined trouble. Your struggles do not burden... Continue Reading →

Depression and anxiety are a challenging

Depression and anxiety are a challenging.  Depression and anxiety can convince you that everyone in your life secretly hate you. I remember during a really bad episode as a teenager, I was convince that my own parents didn't want me. There is nothing further from the truth. No matter how much you believe everyone hates... Continue Reading →

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