World First Aid Day

September 8th marks World First Aid Day. Did you know that most Canadians don't feel confident enough to perform first aid when an emergency occurs? I'm one of the first aid workers at my office. I volunteered for the responsibility because I wanted to learn how to protect my loved ones. Our two oldest kids have... Continue Reading →


School needs to change

Schools are supposed to teach kids how to think for themselves, not what to think. In French class, the kids were asked to read a text and answer questions regarding the short story. One of the questions, was: “What part of the story did you prefer?” My kid answered that she didn’t particularly appreciate this... Continue Reading →

Rosalind Franklin

Men have been taking credit for women's ideas since the beginning of time. Rosalind Franklin discovered the double-helix model for DNA. James Watson and Francis Crick went on to win a Nobel Prize for DNA research that included Rosalind's discovery. She never received credit. Women are amazing and a lot of times the true back... Continue Reading →

English Language Day

April 23rd is English Language Day. English is my second language. I attended English college and university. I speak better in French but write better in English. Then again, I was at a meeting the other day at my child's French high school and I was having a lot of difficulties sticking to the French... Continue Reading →

Are you a dendrophile?

A dendrophile is someone who loves trees, forests. My home is surrounded by trees and I love it. I would be incomplete and miserable if I were not surrounded by trees. For the survival of the planet, we all need to be dendrophile. One of the most helpful things we could all do for the... Continue Reading →

Wishing Wells

There is something beautiful and magical about wells, especially old stone ones. I've always felt drawn them. Have you ever wondered why would your wish come true after tossing a coin in a well? Have you ever wondered where the idea comes from? Wells and lakes were believed to be the entrances to the otherworld... Continue Reading →

Lies and Stupidity

A sad realization... You tell someone that their story is making absolutely no sense and that it is not supported by facts, and the answer you receive is a vaguely worded refusal to engage in an argument. At first, you might be tempted to believe it or you may assume that your interlocutor is not... Continue Reading →

Never stop learning

It’s easy to assume that learning ends when you’re finished with school. No more homework, no more tests. Just because it’s been a few years since you’ve set foot in a classroom, doesn’t mean you should or can stop learning. Like it or not, we must remain open to learning all the time in order... Continue Reading →

Let’s stand up to bullying

Children want to feel safe at school. Everyone deserves to be safe and respected. Bullying is never okay and it happens far too often. Many people allow themselves and decide to belittle, denigrate and ridicule others, which causes enormous damage to the victims of this verbal and/or physical bullying. The consequences of such acts and remarks... Continue Reading →

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