Why we should put more value science?

Too many people dismiss real scientific research by simply stating that they don't trust the source, yet are ready to trust what someone with no credential said on social media. Stop spreading this ridiculous and incorrect information. For example, this wave of anti-vaxxing is now placing the entire planet in danger. It is incredibly heartbreaking... Continue Reading →


Who was Elizabeth Blackwell?

Elizabeth Blackwell was the first American woman (originally from England) to go to medical school and she was admitted as a joke. Yes, you read that right. This brave woman who believed she could achieve anything applied to Geneva Medical School in 1847, but male students though it was a prank so they all voted... Continue Reading →

Why are so many students homeless?

Most people don't realize that many students are homeless. So why is this happening? Why are so many students homeless? Unfortunately, for a shocking number of students, the college and university experience means living in your car to avoid massive debt. By the time they pay for tuition and books it’s hard to come up... Continue Reading →

Gender identity and sexual orientation

Is it right to introduce gender identity and sexual orientation in the classroom? Are these concepts too complex for children, or is teaching them a helpful way to promote greater acceptance and tolerance? Children have a better capacity to understand and accept than we give them credit for. In the first grade, my child's teacher... Continue Reading →

I gave up on homework

Becoming a parent comes with a slew of responsibilities, but the most dreaded one might just be helping kids with their homework. My kids are now in high school and I can't help them anymore. Yep, I gave up on homework. We tried to help my daughter with mathematics and she got a failing mark.... Continue Reading →

She can be anything she wants

Many young people still make career choices based on gender stereotypes. By fighting against them, we encourage children and youth to express their true personality and make informed choices about their future. Even today, many young people will make choices based on gender stereotypes, choices that do not always reflect their deep desire for a... Continue Reading →

Underwear is personal

Many schools and workplace mandate that girls and women must wear a bra. This is a rule that is more and more being deemed discriminatory, because it only applies to one gender and wearing underwear is a personal decision. If you say that women need to wear a bras due to breast size, then there... Continue Reading →

Education = Freedom

September 8th marks International Literacy Day. It was created to help highlight the importance of literacy and education to individuals, communities and societies. 121 million of children worldwide are out of school. More than 1/2 are girls. Gender inequality, poverty, and lack of education create barriers for women and girls trying to access lifesaving healthcare.... Continue Reading →

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