Most religions don’t support women

Most religions don't support women. Christianity has many issues it needs to resolve around patriarchy. Every denials of education, every refusal of advantages to women may be traced to the dogma of original sin, which first began to spread its baleful influence with the rise of power of the priesthood and the corruption of the... Continue Reading →

Women’s rights aren’t secondary

Women's rights aren't secondary. They are human rights. Women’s rights and needs cannot be an afterthought the instant there is an emergency. They have as much rights as men to food, shelter and safety. A lot of very chauvinistic individuals out there that we are not allowed to criticize. Walking on eggshells ain't gonna change... Continue Reading →

Is your driving monster sexist?

Is your driving monster sexist? First, let me explain why I refer to the anger we feel behind the wheel has the driving monster. Many years ago, when my daughter was very young, she used to refer to anger behind the wheel as the driving monster. I liked the term and kept using it. Living... Continue Reading →

Hopes for the future

My daughter shared a story with me, which I am now sharing with you. It is the kind of stories we don’t hear enough about. The kind that gives us hopes for the future. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. She was in class waiting for the substitute teacher to arrive.... Continue Reading →

Men with Good Intentions

Sometimes men with good intentions will end up saying things that are sexist or patronizing to women without meaning to. Benevolent sexism is a less obvious form of sexism. At first, it kind of seems like a compliment, even though it's rooted in men's feelings of superiority. You're not like other women Most of us... Continue Reading →

It starts as early as birth

It starts as early as birth with all pink toys (dolls, kitchen toys, etc.) for girls and colourful action toys for boys. Everything from medicine to the entertainment is researched and created with men in mind. Lack of representation and good female leads. It continues in Kindergarten when dress codes are used to put the... Continue Reading →

Don’t be that idiot

Please don't be that idiot who thinks he's so special that not only he should never hear the word no, and that everyone should bend over to be in your good graces. It's not an eye for an eye There is nothing that makes you look more like a moron than a man that call... Continue Reading →

Nobody gave the working-class anything

Often history is rewritten and modified to make people look better. No matter what some may say, nobody gave the working-class anything. Each achievement, each win was fought for. In 1941 the government marched 500 heavily armed police through Kirkland Lake. The goal was to warn that should miners strike they would pay a heavy... Continue Reading →

The truth about Toxic Shock Syndrome

Have you ever wondered what's the truth about Toxic shock syndrome? Women have long been advised to change the tampon regularly to avoid the toxic shock syndrome, a rare and potentially fatal condition caused by staphylococcus aureus. I know that I have personally written about it. In recent years, new menstrual hygiene products have appeared,... Continue Reading →

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