Why stay silent?

Why stay silent? Most people say nothing because they're either scared, indifferent or they just don't see it sexism in the first place. It’s dangerous to do the right thing sometimes, but if we don't then the bad people win.  Sometimes with their every vulgar, bitter word from their mouth, they testify to their personal... Continue Reading →

You don’t owe nice guys a chance

Contrary to what you may here, you don't owe nice guys a chance. Real nice guys don't claim that they deserve your consideration for being so nice. Manipulative self-proclaim nice guys do. We hear this not just from self-proclaimed nice guys, but also from other people who give us relationship advice. We often hear that... Continue Reading →

Sexual Exploitation

Undoubtedly, the sexual exploitation of minors is highly reprehensible and we welcome the fact that actions are taken against clients of the sex industry. However, it is important to remember that the sexual exploitation of adult women is just as criminal. When are actions against clients of the sex industry in general? Sexual exploitation starts... Continue Reading →

Biggest Jackass Award

The biggest jackass award goes to the Mississauga tourist who preferred to fetch food at Tim Horton, rather than rescue his wife who had the sternum broken in a car crash with a concrete wall. I'm not kidding. A motorist actually abandoned his seriously injured spouse after a collision to fetch himself food from a... Continue Reading →

Nothing justifies rape

Nothing justifies rape. The Irish court has acquitted a 27-year-old man accused of raping a 17-year-old girl after her lawyer convinced the jury that the latter also had responsibilities in her own assault because she was wearing a thong that day . First of all, in order to find out that she had a thong... Continue Reading →

Let’s retire the Victim Blaming trope

I wish the majority of society put the blame the perpetrator instead of resorting to victim blaming. Unfortunately, mentalities do not always evolve as fast as one would like. I am more than tired of seeing rapist get away with the crime. I'm also extremely tired of seeing rapist treated by society as the ones... Continue Reading →

Pro-life isn’t pro-life at all

Pro-life isn't pro-life at all. It's about controlling women's bodies. The reason why I say this is that pro-lifers aren't around once a child is born and doesn't worry about mother and baby dying because of a medical issue that could have been resolved with an abortion. Let's make something clear, abortion is a safe,... Continue Reading →

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