Fighting among ourselves

We need to stop fighting among ourselves. A tactic to defeat your enemy is make it so that they are too busy fighting among themselves to fight the real enemy. Do you find yourself critiquing feminism more than misogyny? "Amazing how most people are more angry at imperfect feminism than they are at systemic misogyny."... Continue Reading →

I struggle with my body image

I struggle with my body image. My body image has changed greatly since I was diagnosed with Graves' Disease and Fibromyalgia. I struggle with looking at older photographs of myself and seeing the enormous difference with what I now look. The fact that I have gained weight is part of the issue, but not all.... Continue Reading →

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate

Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate among mental health disorders. It's time that we take this issue seriously. People affected by eating disorders can not afford to wait. The incidence of children (younger and younger) with eating disorders is rising at an alarming rate. Eating disorders are much more common than you think. When... Continue Reading →

Few fashion brands sell large sizes

Many round women (like myself) want to buy fashion brands, but few fashion brands sell large sizes. The most recognized brands are only for thin consumers. Round women often feel marginalized and excluded by the dominant fashion market, which is the market of renowned and reputable fashion brands. These consumers are forced to turn to... Continue Reading →

Would you flash a stranger?

Would you flash a stranger? Sending unsolicited dick pics is the same thing as flashing. It's just as gross and violating. Women are tired of receiving dick unsolicited peaks, to be hailed in the street like we are nothing but prey, to be constantly told that our existence is only to satisfy the eyes of... Continue Reading →

Gendered violence

Gendered violence is an issue in Canada. Did you know that in Canada a women or an underage girl is killed every 2 days? 148 women and girls have been killed in 2018 in Canada, the equivalent of one victim every two and a half days, according to a study by the Canadian Femicide Observatory... Continue Reading →

Armpit hair

Why does the mere act of seeing armpit hair of a woman cause so much adversity and disdain in many males? Have you ever seen raucous hordes of ladies lashing out at a man because he showed his bushy armpits on television or on social media? Why this selective indignation at the exhibition of a... Continue Reading →

Most religions don’t support women

Most religions don't support women. Christianity has many issues it needs to resolve around patriarchy. Every denials of education, every refusal of advantages to women may be traced to the dogma of original sin, which first began to spread its baleful influence with the rise of power of the priesthood and the corruption of the... Continue Reading →

Women’s rights aren’t secondary

Women's rights aren't secondary. They are human rights. Women’s rights and needs cannot be an afterthought the instant there is an emergency. They have as much rights as men to food, shelter and safety. A lot of very chauvinistic individuals out there that we are not allowed to criticize. Walking on eggshells ain't gonna change... Continue Reading →

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