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Not all men

No matter what subject that speaks about women's issue, there are always plenty of men who will just pop up in the comment section and say: "No!! Never have I done anything like this". No, we don't think that all... Continue Reading →

Teachers can combat sexism

Teachers have such a huge impact on their students’ lives. They have the ability and the responsibility to combat sexism. "When stripped of all labels, the gender equality movement is simply about the freedom to be an individual, the freedom to... Continue Reading →

Simone de Beauvoir

Women’s history has been basically excluded from the classroom text books in public schools. This is why I chose to speak about this woman who influence the course of history. Simone de Beauvoir was a French philosopher and writer that... Continue Reading →

Don’t leave the house without a smile!

I was walking to work one day, with my white headphone in my ears lost in my own thoughts. I have a very fertile imagination and can often be found day dreaming. I was happy in my personal bubble. A... Continue Reading →

Pockets Please

Pockets are a handy place to keep everyday implements. In the 1790s, pockets were removed from women's fashion because the pockets and their contents would ruin the line of the dress. This new fashion didn't happen out of coincidence, it was... Continue Reading →

Ruffle Some Feathers

Don't be afraid to make people uncomfortable. Don't be scared of making waves and ruffling feathers. That's the only way to stop the sheep mentality, it's the only way to out and call people to attention. For example, if a... Continue Reading →

Sustaining the rage

I believe that it's important to stand up for your rights and other people's rights. I therefore than up, speak up when hearing or reading discriminatory words. I have to admit that sometimes it is a struggle to sustain the rage... Continue Reading →

Speak Up

As women, we are often told we shouldn't shout, interrupt or take up too much space with our feelings and ideas. Sometimes it's just easier to stay quiet, not to rock the boat. You may think that staying silent keeps you... Continue Reading →

Fat-Shaming is Abuse

For decades now, society has had an obsession with weight. From early childhood and throughout life, women receive a lot of pressure to be thin and this pressure comes from so many directions (Family, Friends, Teachers, Advertisement, Media, etc.). Fat... Continue Reading →

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