Don’t be that idiot

Please don't be that idiot who thinks he's so special that not only he should never hear the word no, and that everyone should bend over to be in your good graces. It's not an eye for an eye There is nothing that makes you look more like a moron than a man that call... Continue Reading →

Nobody gave the working-class anything

Often history is rewritten and modified to make people look better. No matter what some may say, nobody gave the working-class anything. Each achievement, each win was fought for. In 1941 the government marched 500 heavily armed police through Kirkland Lake. The goal was to warn that should miners strike they would pay a heavy... Continue Reading →

The truth about Toxic Shock Syndrome

Have you ever wondered what's the truth about Toxic shock syndrome? Women have long been advised to change the tampon regularly to avoid the toxic shock syndrome, a rare and potentially fatal condition caused by staphylococcus aureus. I know that I have personally written about it. In recent years, new menstrual hygiene products have appeared,... Continue Reading →

All women are crazy

Women are neither more nor less crazy than men.  Yet, most women have been referred to as crazy at some point in their lives. The "All women are crazy," is a stereotype that isn't new.  It's a stereotype that was created for the most part by men. It is used to strike women's speech and... Continue Reading →

Miscarriage came has such a shock

The first miscarriage (yes, I had more than one natural miscarriages) came has such a shock. I was certain that such things were extremely rare, that once you were pregnant, you were automatically going to be a mother. It was utterly devastating. I wouldn't wish this experience on anyone, yet it happens to so many... Continue Reading →

Why stay silent?

Why stay silent? Most people say nothing because they're either scared, indifferent or they just don't see it sexism in the first place. It’s dangerous to do the right thing sometimes, but if we don't then the bad people win.  Sometimes with their every vulgar, bitter word from their mouth, they testify to their personal... Continue Reading →

You don’t owe nice guys a chance

Contrary to what you may here, you don't owe nice guys a chance. Real nice guys don't claim that they deserve your consideration for being so nice. Manipulative self-proclaim nice guys do. We hear this not just from self-proclaimed nice guys, but also from other people who give us relationship advice. We often hear that... Continue Reading →

Sexual Exploitation

Undoubtedly, the sexual exploitation of minors is highly reprehensible and we welcome the fact that actions are taken against clients of the sex industry. However, it is important to remember that the sexual exploitation of adult women is just as criminal. When are actions against clients of the sex industry in general? Sexual exploitation starts... Continue Reading →

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