Sometimes there isn’t a cause

When I have a flare up in my symptoms I often hear the following comments: "But it's sunny outside, you should be feeling good!" "Did you over do it yesterday?" "What was the cause?" My employer expects me to plan my flare ups in advance so that they aren't caught of guard. If I did... Continue Reading →


Don’t quit

No matter what is your situation in life, whether you are fighting a chronic illness or mental illness or both, life can sometime feel like a burden and each day can feel like a challenge. My struggle often makes it a challenge just to get myself to work in the morning and it can feel... Continue Reading →

Working with Chronic Illness

I  work in a 9-5 or office environment. Working full time can take a lot out of you and that's regardless of your health status. Many of us who have chronic illnesses are still working full time, whether we can afford to or not. I used to be an overachiever. I used to take pride... Continue Reading →

Why chronic illness sufferers question everything

Any free time is often spent resting or staying in bed because of the pain, fatigue or other symptoms. There’s no time or energy to do anything else. Some people with chronic illness continue to work full-time perhaps for financial reasons, I know that it's my reason. That and the inaccessibility of long term medical... Continue Reading →

Stop asking me if I’m cured

Having conversation with many family members and friends have become difficult because all the same questions are being asked over and over again. It has become clear that some people are unable to accept that I have multiple incurable chronic illness. Everyone thinks optimism is great, but did people ever ponder that maybe too much... Continue Reading →

I can’t do it all by myself

My husband hurt his leg at football practice. He's a coach on his son's team. He came back home that night barely able to walk. Being in constant pain due to Fibromyalgia, I am particularly sensitive to other's pain. Usually he helps me with laundry by bringing up and down the clothes. I can then... Continue Reading →

For those who stay

Anyone who has been through illness (physical or/and mental) know that people tend to drift away. I've been living with multiple chronic illness and mental illness for a few years now. There has been many ups and downs. I am still walking along the journey, trying to figure it out, testing different treatment to see... Continue Reading →

The joys of changing medication

In an attempt to treat my Fibromyalgia, it was suggested that I change my current mental health medication for one that has a pain treatment aspect to it. First I had to ween off my current medication and then start the new medication gradually. It was only for a short period, but it still affected... Continue Reading →

Why I spend so much time on my smartphone

I spend a lot of time on my smartphone. I spend time on Facebook and games. Half the time it’s because I enjoy it, but half the time it’s because I’m too tired to do anything else, and I need a distraction from the pain. Sometimes I  binge watch Netflix, YouTube, or mindless videos over... Continue Reading →

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