Pain Rules

Pain makes my mind and body exhausted, drained of all energy. Pain puts me to sleep. Pain wakes me up. Normal people are sleeping right now, not sitting in their living room, in pain, writing a blog. Pain rules. Living in pain is very exhausting. I often find myself drifting to sleep during the day... Continue Reading →


Pain insomnia

Pain insomnia is insomnia due to pain. Ever been in so much pain that you can either not fall asleep or that it wakes you up? Have you ever been in so much pain that it invades your dreams and turns them into nightmares? Its 1:30AM and I am up because I can't stand my... Continue Reading →

Making Connections

Most chronic illness sufferers downplay their symptoms to avoid upsetting family and friends, this is why making connections with other individuals who also suffer from chronic illness is so important. I speak about my symptoms to my husband and online all the time. Unfortunately, I cannot be as open around my parents or my workplace... Continue Reading →

I messed up

I messed up recently. I lost my brand new prescription renewing my pills. I called the doctor's office to get a copy sent to my pharmacy only to learn that she is on vacation until the end of the month. I'm okay until then for most of my medications, but I'm already out of my... Continue Reading →

Going the distance

As much as you may be doubting it right now, you are going the distance. You are much stronger than you give yourself credit for. When mental or physical health issues consumes your life and breaks you down. When you are in so much pain that you are nearly drowning. When you wonder how bad... Continue Reading →

Health is not a virtue

Health is not a virtue. Health is not simply a result of your good choices. It is luck. The biggest factors when it comes to health is genetics, income and trauma. Our control over our health is limited. Not all disabilities are visible, some people may be upset for being criticized for not being ‘good... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I hate people

Sometimes I hate people. Sometimes my fate in humanity is dangerously close to nil. This week it's not the news or my social media feeds that are getting to me. This week it's the people I crossed paths with while shopping for school supplies and clothes with my teenage daughter that have me feeling discouraged.... Continue Reading →

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