Geronimo (1829-1909) - This man is a famous Apache military and spiritual leader. For 30 years he fought Mexican and United States forces looking to expand into Apache territory to protect his tribe’s homeland. June 16th marks the anniversary of his birth. It's rare that famous Native Americans birth date are known. Usually we only... Continue Reading →


Pontiac, war leader

Pontiac was born in 1720 and died in 1769. He is best known for resisting the British occupation of the Great Lakes Region of North America. By the time he was 27 year old, he had become a respected war leader. The Pontiac's War began on May 7th, 1763. Pontiac was 43 years old at... Continue Reading →

Why it’s cultural appropriation

There is a lot of debate online and offline about what cultural appropriation means and how it applies. One example from my own cultural background makes it really clear to me why it's cultural appropriation. For Native Americans, each feather of a headdress is awarded for a specific honour. That's why the length of the... Continue Reading →

Are we punishing people for being poor?

The way our federal and provincial justice system is faulty. We are imprisoning people for unpaid fines, which is incredibly unfair as most of the time these are people who can't make the payment. In other words, we are punishing people for being poor. The policy has also meant the disproportionate imprisonment of Aboriginal people... Continue Reading →

Red Cloud

Today I wanted to talk about the Native American named Red Cloud. He was a great Sioux warrior and a leader of his people during the Red Clouds War. December 10th marks the anniversary of his death. Announcements of his death and recognition of his achievements were printed in major newspapers across the U.S. How... Continue Reading →

Black Hawk

Black Hawk (1767 - 1838) - A leader of the Sauk tribe he led many war parties including a group of Indians during the Hawk War (1832). October 3rd marks the anniversary of his death. Hawk did not belong to a clan that provided the Sauk with hereditary civil leaders. He earned his status as... Continue Reading →

Welcoming the Winter Solstice

For thousands of years, First Nation people noted the shift in seasons. To acknowledge the cycles, our people celebrate the longest night (A.K.A. Winter Solstice). It's a time of renewal. A time to reflect on the year that passed and on the year to come. A few facts about Canadian winters: Did you know that Winnipeg... Continue Reading →

Ancestry and Culture

This website is s great resources to learn the Mi'kmaw language and pronunciation. I am Métis with Mi'kmaw ancestry. I lost my grandfather to lung cancer a few years ago. He was my main source of cultural teaching. I like to visits these site to grow my vocabulary. I also use it to teach my child... Continue Reading →

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