Incurable Diseases

I found that people have a lot of trouble accepting that you have an illness that is incurable. I think there are 2 reasons for this. 1. They care about you and don't want to accept that you will be in pain for the rest of your life; 2. The idea that they could get... Continue Reading →


Does autoimmune illnesses affect the healing process?

I used to be a quick healer. I would scratch, cut, or hurt myself and it would be gone really fast. I never paid real attention to my small injuries because I knew it would be gone without issues. Now, everything takes forever to heal and leaves permanent marks. I also bruise a lot easier.... Continue Reading →

The downside of being strong

A manager who had elective surgery last month has recently returned to work after being on short-term medical leave. She is still very sore and feels easily exhausted. She came to me to complain not realizing that it's how I feel on a good day.  She will be working part-time from home because it's simply too... Continue Reading →

Pain is exhausting

If someone seems tired, lazy or absent, there may be more to it. Don't be too quick to judgement. Many physical and mental illnesses cause extreme pain and that's not something you can see simply by looking at someone. Pain that relentlessly nagged someone all day drained them. It is not easy to always feel... Continue Reading →


Acceptance is the hardest thing to do when I find myself experiencing facing my chronic illnesses. My immediate reaction has always been to fix issues and surpass myself. This time there is no "fix" and surpassing myself is a minute to minute achievement. I've learned the difficult way that pushing my limits too much only... Continue Reading →

Chronic Illness & Work

I have Graves' Disease. I had hyperthyroidism, then after treatment, I had hypothyroidism and according to my last blood test, I'm now stable(ish). I have depression and anxiety disorder, for which I am taking medication. I am waiting to pass the test for sleep apnea and am being followed by a Rheumatologist because it seems... Continue Reading →

Graves’ Disease

Autoimmune diseases come in a variety of forms, each affecting different organs and bodily systems and producing a unique array of symptoms. There are hundreds of different autoimmune illness and even people suffering from the same disease can experience it differently. What's important when you have an autoimmune illness, like Graves' Disease, is to listen to... Continue Reading →

Vacation isn’t a luxury

It is sometimes difficult to take a break or vacation for many people, especially in this society that puts performance at the expense of health. A guilt can tip the tip of the nose at the slightest stop, which often creates the feeling of being weak and not doing enough. Yet, taking time for yourself... Continue Reading →

Graves’ Disease & Muscle Pain

The thyroid regulates the growth metabolism of the nervous system and the metabolic rate of many cells. During the hyperthyroidism state, the muscle tissues can't regenerate fast enough and begin to break down. There's also some research that indicates the high levels of thyroid hormones attack the muscles directly. This means that muscle weakness, cramps... Continue Reading →

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