For those who stay

Anyone who has been through illness (physical or/and mental) know that people tend to drift away. I've been living with multiple chronic illness and mental illness for a few years now. There has been many ups and downs. I am still walking along the journey, trying to figure it out, testing different treatment to see... Continue Reading →


Why I spend so much time on my smartphone

I spend a lot of time on my smartphone. I spend time on Facebook and games. Half the time it’s because I enjoy it, but half the time it’s because I’m too tired to do anything else, and I need a distraction from the pain. Sometimes I  binge watch Netflix, YouTube, or mindless videos over... Continue Reading →

Stop dismissing women’s pain

When women go to the hospital or to see their doctor, their pain are often dismissed. There is a belief that women are weak and will complain at every little thing. Too many women have died because the doctor told them that their heart attack symptoms were "just a bit of flu" and to go... Continue Reading →

Autoimmune Illnesses

I have Graves' Disease and Fibromyalgia. Both are autoimmune illnesses. I got my first grey hair at the age of 2. I started going grey in high school. I always thought it was a due to family genetics. I have since learned that grey hair is linked to the body's immune system, which means that... Continue Reading →

What you don’t see

There is no true way to ever be fully prepared for hard times. Finding out that you have a chronic illness and that there is no cure is enough to send anyone into hard times. I didn’t realize these hard times would shake me up and change who I was and the way I saw... Continue Reading →

I’m fatigued not tired

When you are tired, you can get sleep and feel better. Fatigue is still there when you wake up. Fatigue is when you wake up more tired than when you went to sleep. It stays with you all day. It's lack of energy, a feeling of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion. The pain never goes... Continue Reading →

The pressure to perform

The collective expectations imposed on each individual in terms of performance are extremely high. We often have an evaluation system that defines the value of people based on their level of productivity in their jobs.  "You're killing yourself for a job that would replace you within a week if you dropped dead. Take care of yourself"... Continue Reading →

Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are a challenging and often not talked about aspect of Graves or any thyroid issue. Many people find support and even skills by seeing a therapist and taking anti-depression medication. Even if you tried a therapist and it wasn't a good fit, keep looking. There are therapists that have some training in... Continue Reading →

Mental & other invisible illnesses

We often try to control all of our more negative emotions, to prevent tears from flowing, to suppress the internal depression that is so difficult to live. We try to hide our inner turmoil. It feels like it's an absolute shame to feel bad, to lack energy and motivation to function. We only want to... Continue Reading →

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