Flu Vaccine – Is it worth it?

Because anyone can create and share internet content, you need to take extra steps to ensure what you find is accurate. Here are a few tips to help you separate good information from bad. If you are worried about vaccines because you heard bad things about them, please read this article about vaccine facts. Vaccines... Continue Reading →


Surviving Breast Cancer

Having breast cancer means that part of your breast will be removed. It can be 1/2 of the breast, the 1/3 of the breast, 3/4, but there is a part of the breast that disappears, and in the end, there is a breast asymmetry, and that is very indisposing for the woman in terms of... Continue Reading →

National Doctors Day

Today marks National Doctors Day in the United States. I might be Canadian, but as a person who is being followed by several doctors, I should take a moment to show my appreciation. For the most part, many have complained about the lack of empathy that some doctors show towards their patients. Having dealt with... Continue Reading →

The curse of the undiagnosed

They refuse to acknowledge it because they haven’t experienced it themselves and, by that very fact, are demonstrating a complete lack of empathy or false empathy. This is an extremely exclusionary viewpoint is destructive and willfully ignorant. I have multiple diseases ( all invisible) and I am overweight. I see it in their faces: people... Continue Reading →

Yes, I’m ill. No, you can’t fix me.

It’s a normal and healthy response to feeling an immense loss after a diagnosis of chronic illness. Being chronically ill can make us feel like outsiders. That’s how much our society fears and rejects the core human experience of being ill, of having a body that gets sick, regardless of ages and that is not controllable. I wish... Continue Reading →

What it means to have an incurable chronic illness

It baffles me that no matter how much I speak and write about chronic illnesses and my experience that my loved ones still don't understand the meaning of incurable. I was at the hospital yesterday for another blood tests. I've been having blood test regularly for over a year now. I even have my a... Continue Reading →

Graves Disease & Sleep Apnea

2 years ago I was diagnosed with Graves Disease. I had been living with the illness for years without knowing it and suddenly things I believed were just random started to make sense. I had hyperthyroidism, which was first treated with medication, then with radiation. The goal was to kill my thyroid so it would... Continue Reading →

There’s no such thing as “just a nurse”

It drives me nuts when people put less importance or value on nurses because they aren't doctors. It shows a complete lack of understanding and observation of how the medical field works and how nurses are primordial. Too many have this mentality. Nurses are overworked. Their job is both demanding physically and emotionally. They are... Continue Reading →

RAI treatment – Hyper to Hypo

I had radiation treatment back in early June and my thyroid finally changed to hypo and started to die towards the end of October. I was originally told that it would take 4 to 6 weeks to see results. That's a much longer wait than 6 weeks. As a result of officially being hypothyroidism now,... Continue Reading →

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