How to reclaim the holidays

The arrival of snow is for many a sign that the holidays and the winter holidays are approaching.

Happy holidays doesn’t depend on how much money you spend. It’s about the people you are sharing it with and the memories you are creating along the way. Shared experiences with our loved ones are the most valuable.

That being said, you do not have to attend everything. Just because some families are constantly on the go, doesn’t mean that your family has to follow suit. The Holidays can be a busy time for everybody. Social interaction takes energy. I didn’t understand that when I was healthy, but now I know it all too well.

As an introvert, I love the quieter, more relaxed holiday celebrations. As a parent of introvert children with social anxieties, we all prefer to keep the visits to a minimum.

Family holiday parties should be lighthearted and fun.

Here are some planning tips that helped our family:

  • Will your child need their noise-cancelling headphones?
  • Will there be a place where your child can retreat to have alone time away from other people?

Sometimes no matter how much we plan, things don’t go well. You have the right to ask for help if you are overwhelmed.

I have a friend who travels outside the country and passes every holiday on a beach overlooking the ocean.

Don’t worry about what makes other people’s holidays meaningful, think about what can make yours a time to make memories.

How do you like to spend your holidays?

Top 10 : Halloween Music

I love Halloween. It’s one of my favourite holidays. Music is about feeling, so there’s nothing better to put you in the mood for Halloween than listening to the following top 10 Halloween songs:

Dangerous Type


Heaven Knows

How Soon Is Now

I Put a Spell on You

Monster Mash

Take Me to Church

Stay Calm

Thriller/Heads Will Roll (Glee Cast Version)

The Twilight Zone

The X Files

What are your favourite Halloween music?

Choosing a Halloween costume?

Canada isn’t immune from hate. Hatred and attacks towards minorities are on the rise. It’s spreading and we need to remain vigilant.

Please understand there is a line between appreciation and appropriation. Also understand that an Halloween costume is not showing appreciation.

Each year, inappropriate costumes are worn by many people during Halloween. It is more than important not to disguise in a disrespectful, offensive, oppressive, racist, sexist and trans-phobic way, among others. Being offensive towards minorities isn’t edgy. It’s just ignorant and cruel.

It is important to always make sure that your costume is not based on denigration, ridicule their identity, gender, sexual orientation, origin, culture, race, physical or mental condition.

I can’t believe I even need to say this in 2018 but here we go: Don’t wear Blackface.

It’s also important to understand that other cultures are not a prop, costume or your ticket to prove that you are cultured.

Different cultures, religions and race aren’t disguises.

Dressing up with symbols, outfits or accessories from other cultures is racist. It is a lack of respect and absolute consideration for the history and experience of those people who are victims of systemic oppression.  Racialized people are victims of racist crimes, injustices, disrespect, verbal and physical attacks, assaults and horrific everyday situations because of their culture, race, origins, skin color. Caucasian people are not victims of these situations, regardless of whether they wear these symbols and clothes or not. So always make sure your disguises do not concern the culture, religions, origins and race of others.

Please, show respect, openness and empathy to all people and do not choose costumes that are problematic. With the astronomical amount and the infinite choice of appropriate disguises that exist, there is no reason to wear an inappropriate costume.

“You know, the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common, they don’t alter their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit their views.” – Doctor Who



Coffee Lovers Rejoice!

October 1st marks #InternationalCoffeeDay! Wait, isn’t that every day for coffee lovers? 

Did you know that the earliest account of coffee drinking date back to Arabia in the 15th century? This means that human beings have been enjoying coffee for centuries.

I’ve been prescribe by my doctor two cups of coffee a day. Coffee helps with asthma, anxiety, migraines and sleepiness. Why love coffee if you suffer from anxiety? The aroma is soothing. The heat is comforting. It can bring a sense of peace to someone who is feeling jittery. Of course, drinking too much coffee can have the opposite effect.

“Who doesn’t drink coffee? I mean, it’s just coffee. It’s not a drink, it’s a hug.” – Lost Girl

If anyone’s has ever been on your case for your coffee consumption, here is some good news and argument that you can use:

3 independent studies (IARC, MEC and EPIC) indicate that regular coffee consumption is associated with a lower risk of premature mortality and may also prevent recurrence in patients who have survived a heart attack.

Coffee beans are highly complex. Coffee beans include the cafestol and kahweol diterpenes that accelerate the elimination of carcinogens, caffeine and chlorogenic acids that have strong antioxidant activity, and a host of other positive effects. As a result, even though coffee is best known and appreciated for its caffeine content and its stimulating properties, this beverage can also have beneficial effects on human health.

It is important to mention that all these protective effects are observed for both regular and decaffeinated coffee, which indicates that it is the many phytochemicals present in the coffee beans that are responsible for the benefits of this beverage and not caffeine.

My Canada

In this enormous country, stretching from coast to coast, there is more to be seen than can ever be seen and more to do can ever be done in one lifetime.

#Canada - TopcisWithPassion.blogThe composition of gases in Earth’s atmosphere determines the color of the Northern Lights. Each color that you see dancing across the sky is a product of charged particles colliding with gas molecules!

The California sushi rolls were created in Canada.

Canada’s arboreal forest is a critical global resource. For millennia, it has shaped the traditions and cultures of indigenous peoples who call it home. Storing more than 36 years’ worth of global fossil fuel emissions, the forest is also one of our most critical tools for fighting climate change. And it provides important habitat to many of North America’s most iconic and endangered species, including the arboreal woodland caribou.

Did you know that saffron, the most precious and expensive spice in the world, was also produced in Quebec?

What is love?

Love is probably the most powerful emotion, the most magical we can feel. It is a gift of life. I strongly believe all beings need love and connection.

All who deserves to be loved must also have the ability to love, to recognise the other as part of himself/herself. It is an act of freedom and personal expression that enables us to grows, and that we all deserve to experience.

Don’t water yourself down to be “likeable,” especially for a partner. A relationship between two people based on unconditional love presents an eternal principle: to discover a person who will always mark our heart in a positive way, allowing us to learn things and share with them these newly learned things.

brothers-457234_1920Each one of us deserves to be cherished by ours, starting with family, friends and undoubtedly a spouse who is able to give us a conscious, mature and reciprocal love.

There is nothing more worthy and there are no other principles more basic to the human being than to be loved, valued and respected.

The love that recognises and values the child, the couple or the friend gives us roots to grow.

Just as we must know what limits we must put into our lives to prevent our rights from being affected, it is important to remember that just as we ask to be loved, valued and respected, we must be able to offer the same.

adult-2178963_1920Open your heart but love with open eyes and not blindly. Give to others but wait to be loved and recognised in exchange.

Relationships shouldn’t complete your life, they should complement it.

Without a doubt, we all deserve a love that gives us joy and not sadness, a sincere tenderness that shakes our hand and makes our fears and uncertainties disappear.

Ode to Coffee on #InternationalCoffeeDay!

coffee-563797_1920Today marks International Coffee Day! It’s an occasion not to be missed if you love coffee! Hey, any excuse is good to get that additional cup in your system. Am I right? 

I started drinking coffee late in life. For the longest time, my stomach couldn’t handle the bitterness of coffee even if hidden by milk, cream or/and sugar.

Taking a first aid course one day, I ended up having multiple asthma attacks in class, because of the harsh chemical they use to disinfect the practice dummies.  The plastic kind, not the students. 😛 The teacher who was a retired doctor gave me coffee. I don’t know why, but his coffee was the best I ever tasted and it helped bring my asthma under control. He suggested I speak to my doctor about it.

Guess what? Coffee was actually prescribed by my doctor as it helps with asthma, migraines and staying awake. Three things I struggle with. (Oh wait, first signs of Graves Disease right there missed once again.) Coffee also increases brain flow and improves functionality. What’s not to like about that? 

I still struggle with the bitterness of coffee. I personally prefer flavoured coffee like vanilla or mocha. On mornings like today, when things don’t roll as easily, a warm cup of coffee simply makes it possible for me to get through the day.

There are many loved ones who have teased me about my love of coffee, saying that I don’t truly love coffee since I prefer French Vanilla or Moka coffee. I don’t care about what they say, my love affair is still strong and everyone is allowed to be their unique self.

“Today, I’m drinking my coffee straight from the carafe. Don’t judge. We all do whatever it takes to stay our of prison.” – Unknown

The first thing I did this morning when I got to work is prepared myself a cup of coffee. I have a full day ahead of me and I have a feeling I will be celebrating this day with numerous cups.

In the past, there used to be coworkers actually waiting for me at the door with their questions, technical problems, etc. Sometimes I even got texts on my cell phone from people before I even got to work asking me to fix a problem on their computer or begging for me to see them first. Talk about working in a stressful environment!

They have since learned the hard way to wait for me to drink that first coffee and let me actually arrive at work before tracking me down.

“My biggest contribution to workplace safety is having a cup of coffee in the morning.”

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