Elevator Adventure

So I got stuck in the elevator as the way out of work for a long weekend. Of course, that would happen then. This kind of things don’t happen on Monday mornings when you are dragging your feet in the office.

The good thing is that I’m not the panicking type (well, anxiety panics yes, but no fear of small places). I’m also an introvert and love time alone. There’s nothing like being stuck alone in small elevator box to get some quiet time!

I had my phone so I was able to reach the elevator company who sent people to the rescue. Thank goodness for modern technology.

Since I have issues with pain and can’t stand for very long, I sat down as comfortably as I could and played Sims on my phone for close to an hour before getting rescued.

What’s the most trouble you’ve ever gotten in?

In elementary school I was getting really bad grades in French class. I didn’t know at the time that I was dyslexic. I didn’t want my parents getting mad at me so I forged my mom’s signature on multiple occasion until I got caught.

My mom scared me straight by telling me that I could go to prison for years for forgery. I still remember feeling terrified of being arrested and sent to prison.

What’s the most trouble you’ve ever gotten in?


A day in computer support

Sometimes I wonder what people think computer support is all about. The paper dispenser in the kitchen fell off the wall. Somehow, the responsibility to fix it came to me as computer support. Makes perfect sense right? 

I am giving a training on a mobile application that is now available to our clients if they are interested. The main question, people had was: “What about people who don’t have a cell phone?” If they don’t have a cell phone, then they won’t be interested in the mobile application, end of story. This is for your clients who are on the go and want to reach us through their smartphones.

Being informed 30 minutes before the office closure that they have hired a new employee that starts in 24h and that this employee needs to be set up in a cubicle that doesn’t have a computer or phone and you are scheduled off the next day. Seriously?!

Silly Texts – Windows to the Soul

A friend brought up to my attention that my text can be “creative”, “weird, and/or “funny”. She never knew what to expect, but it always made her smile.

Text sent on a particularly difficult parenting day. I saw my daughter go through 5 different emotions within the space of one minute and I’m not exaggerating. We ended up going for a car ride and signing in the car.

“Teenager + PMS = OMG” – TopicsWithPassion

My child’s school contacted me to inform me that my daughter might be dyslexic. I had only been informing them of that fact since the beginning of the school year and trying to get her help with no success. This is the text I sent my best friend:

“For bloody hell, the school just called me to inform me my child is dyslexic… Seriously?! I’ve just been telling you since September… Thanks for catching up.” – TopicsWithPassion

After returning to the office after a month of working from home due to health issues, the employees were more than happy to see me, which was a bit overwhelming. I sent this text to my best friend:

“Ahhhh! Can I run away and hide?! Back one week and I’m already way too popular! Don’t they know I’m an introvert? Stop calling me people! Don’t you know it’s Friday, I’m tired and could snap and take half the office with me?! 😛

Oh and happy Friday! Hope you are doing well!” – TopicswithPassion

My best friend was playing hooky for work. She was feeling down and needed a mental health day. It was a dark wintry day. This is the text I sent her:

“Sending lots of warm and comforting hugs. I’m still negotiating on that sunshine thing. Will get back to you when I stop arguing with Mother Nature.” – TopicsWithPassion

When the office coffee machine broke halfway through making my coffee cup. This is the text I sent my husband. He sent back a picture of his full coffee cup. Evil man!

“I’m about to go She-Hulk on this coffee machine!” – TopicsWithPassion

“Two strong women arguing. Now this I ought to see!” – Best Friend

How I lost my crown

I grew up in a very small village. So small, it doesn’t appear on any maps. The founding family died out and my family became the oldest established in the village. My grandparents had keys to every public building. This meant that I had access to these building when they were closed. As an introvert, this was the greatest thing ever. There is something about being in an empty public building that changes the energy of the place.

My parents would call me their little princess, and so did my grandparents. Adults would always stop and make a point to talk to me. They wouldn’t ignore me just because I was a child. Soon a lot of people started calling me their little princess.

My brother, my cousin and I would take part in parades even if it didn’t include children. We would sit and wave to everyone as we toured the village.

One day, I asked my parents the following question as they were tucking me into bed. “If I’m a princess, then why aren’t we living in a castle.” That’s when they realized I was starting to truly believe I was a princess. It was the last time I was called a princess. So sad!

That is until I got married and my husband calls me his ninja princess. I still love crowns.

You know you’re a geek when…

When the words Don’t Panic appeared on the movie theatre screen, I was the only one to squee in excitement realizing that they were doing a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy movie.

C&F-4155When your wedding theme is based on your favourite television show: Doctor Who.

My boss came to my desk this morning and said: “You are my only hope.” My immediate reply was: “You forgot to say: Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi.”

Watching the Guardians of the Galaxy at the movie theatre and being the only one whose protective of Kitty Pryde, the true Star Lady. I swear they better not mess this up.


Laughter is essential

Laughter is an essential part of life. We should cultivate it, share it, enjoy it, and seek it. Life can be amazing when laughter has a place in your daily routine. We need to be reminded to loosen up and enjoy what we can.

With humour, we can face normally painful or difficult parts of life or yourself. We can brighten a bleak attitude or stack joy on someone’s happiness.

It is one of the reasons I turn to Youtube when I struggle with my mood. I will always find something on there that will make me laugh. Here’s a good example:

Humour is also a trait that I really value in my partner. He makes me laugh every night before we fall asleep. If you find someone that not only appreciates your sense of humour but expresses some humour of their own, that’s a treasure.

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