Pet Day

April 11th is pet day. Our household is filled with pets. They actually outnumber the number of humans. We have a dog, a turtle, a rat and 3 cats. Each cat has it's own personality. My cat is the regal queen. She doesn't like to be picked up or touched unless she's the one coming... Continue Reading →

Having a cat or dog is good for kids

Your cat or dog is not just a pretty ball of hair - it is also incredibly good for your health. Science has, among other things, shown that pets can help prevent allergies in children, ward off respiratory infections, improve mood and even boost self-esteem. Children and adults with autism sometimes have trouble communicating with... Continue Reading →

The family is growing

Our little family is growing. We have welcomed two new cats and a rat for our 3 kids. Yep, it's starting to look like a zoo and I love it. The cats are making themselves at home. Cookie loves to explore and isn't afraid to confront the dog. He's the only one brave enough to... Continue Reading →

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