Digging up dirt

The Canadian federal politics are now in full election mode. It saddens me that our politicians seem more interested in digging up dirt on their opponents than presenting and defending their own political plans. Digging up dirt on people has become really easy in the era of social media, where everything is recorded for prosperity.... Continue Reading →


Canadian Women and the right to vote

Canadian Women and the right to vote In 1916, women had earned the vote in Manitoba. Eventually, other provinces extended the vote to women as well. But federal elections were another story. On September 20 1917, Parliament passed the Wartime Elections Act. It allowed women who were British subjects and who were wives, mothers and... Continue Reading →

Unemployment rates

September 2nd is Labour Day. What better time then to take a look at unemployment rates and the state of labour in our country? The unemployment rate is down, but that doesn't mean much when inequality is this bad. Many Canadians can't afford to have adequate food in their cupboards, or to send their kids... Continue Reading →

Quality of life

I live in Canada along with 37,215,299 others. The quality of life here is pretty damn good. Especially when comparing with countries who are at war, struggle with environmental and economical disasters, etc. We all get comfortable in our freedoms and quality of life. We assume we’ll never have to defend them. However,  these freedoms... Continue Reading →

Lying Politicians hurt our democracy

Politicians hurt our democracy. It's why so many of us feel that voting is useless. We've lost trust that the person we choose is really the person they are showing in public and that they'll do they promised to do. I mean, there are even sites ranking politician according to the worst liar. We acknowledge... Continue Reading →

Governments needs to be more transparent

I've said it before and I will say it again. Governments need to be more transparent. They were put in place by the people for the people, so their shouldn't be any secrecy. Close door meetings aren't for the public good. Controlling information is never a good or ethical plan. Government transparency is a must.... Continue Reading →

Why populism is scary

Populism is scary because it is the product of economic despair, inequality, and yes, racism and xenophobia and it's very much present in Canada. I am in favour of diversity, equality, immigration, trade, and globalization. Because of this, I am trying very hard to stay optimistic about the future of humankind.  I guided by reason... Continue Reading →

Government Bailouts

The Canadian government has given billions in bailouts money and wrote off parts of their debt to industries such as GM to save Canadian jobs . Many of these companies turn around and moved jobs to other countries and did nothing to save their industry in Canada while they paid their executives millions in bonuses.... Continue Reading →

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