Define your extraordinary

December is a magical time of the year. It's a time for love, family and for many of us it's a time to review the past year or our lives as a whole and make plans or adjustments for the new year. Many of us start asking ourselves questions such as: What do you want... Continue Reading →



Having a bad day? Feeling stressed? Concentrate on your breathing. Take some deep breaths, relax physically and mentally, and concentrate on feeling better. Remember, no one has it all figured it out. We're all just learning as we go. If we live as we breathe, taking and relaxing, we can not go wrong

Helping others is a sign of strength

Being strong does not mean exercising one's muscles. We can not help everyone, but everyone can help someone. Helping someone may not change the entire world, but it can change everything for one person. Often people who have experience pain are quicker to help others because they understand what it's like to need help. They... Continue Reading →

Do not hold yourself back

If you are having a bad day, don't hold it in. Cry, scream, sob, let it out. It's okay to express yourself in the way that makes you feel better. It's important no to let it fester inside of you. "Staying positive doesn't mean you have to be happy all the time. It means even... Continue Reading →

Think about something else

Most psychologist will tell you that when you mind is going dark to change your mindset by concentrating on something different. You can do this by organizing activities with friends and family. Laughing and spending time with your loved ones can be a good way to distract yourself on a bad day. You can also... Continue Reading →

Are you trustworthy?

Did you notice that the older we get, the less people we trust? That's because the more we get burned, the more careful we are to trust others with our heart. It's only natural to build walls to protect ourselves. Have you ever wondered if you give a trustworthy vibe to others? Do others feel... Continue Reading →

Be generous

It is the season of giving and being charitable is in, but did you know that if you have a bad day, brightening someone else day might help you feel better? Tiny moments of kindness can have big effects. Look around your. Is there someone in your life is having a difficult time and could use... Continue Reading →

You deserve to be happy

To change and move towards better, there is no point in waiting for one's turn, nor seeing a shooting star go by to make a wish. There is no better time to find happiness that right now in the present. Surround yourself with the positive people Attitudes are contagious. If someone’s smiling at you, you’ll... Continue Reading →

Be a role model

National Inspirational Role Models Month is observed on November 1st. It has been observed the month of November since 2005 founded by Darlene House. The idea is  "To acknowledge impact contemporary and historic role models have on our lives.  Individuals chosen for recognition may include celebrities, historic figures, relatives, friends, colleagues and associates.  Celebrate with... Continue Reading →

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