Dial down your expectations of yourself

Are you struggling? Dial down your expectations of yourself.  You will feel a bit of relief. Some of the weight on your shoulders will feel lighter. When you are struggling, you should soften your expectations of yourself and others. You should also take better care of yourself. Doing so will ensure you get through this... Continue Reading →

Are you surrounded by toxic people?

The people you surround yourself with affect the way you think, feel, and behave. This is why we all need to make sure we aren't surrounded by toxic people. For the sake of your mental and physical health, don't waste their energy trying to change toxic people. They establish healthy emotional and physical boundaries. Toxic... Continue Reading →

People pleasing is toxic

You could waste all of your life trying to make people like you and there would still be a bunch of them who dislike you. Depending on admiration and praises from others, however, gives them power over you. People pleasing is toxic. It is much better to be comfortable in your own skin. Don't waste... Continue Reading →

Allow yourself to fantasize

Allow yourself to fantasize about what you’re hoping or longing for. Let that be one of the life rules you follow. There are clues and energy in your reveries and daydreams that are worth paying attention to. Don’t be afraid to pursue your dreams. Don’t be ashamed of what you want, no matter how unconventional.... Continue Reading →

Have a good, long, body-shaking cry

Have a good, long, body-shaking cry. Scream, pound pillows, tear up paper, shake your body to move the energy out. Allow and feel and express your feelings. Express all of them. Do so safely and appropriately. Use your words. Don't bottle it up. Don't push it down. Our feelings are what make us fully-evolved humans.... Continue Reading →

When things are at their worst

When we are suffering and things are at their worst we don’t need nor want people telling us what we did wrong. We don't need anyone telling us how we deserve it or that it’s a life’s teaching moment.  Somehow there is always someone to tell you these exact words. When things are at their... Continue Reading →

Finding happiness in the present

Do you believe that you will be happy when you get that job, or find love, or purchase the house of your dreams? Sure, it's important to have goals, but don't make the mistake that you will only find happiness once these dreams are achieved. There will always be more goals, more things to achieve.... Continue Reading →

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