Why we all need alone time

I took an extra vacation week this summer to have time alone without children or husband. I haven't done this since my daughter was born. She is now a teenager. As a general rule, our society seems to think that spending time alone isn't good. That couldn't be further from the truth. Many people literally... Continue Reading →


How to handle rejection

Do you know how to handle rejection? Who is not afraid of rejection? Probably this fear lives with you every day, but you are not aware of it. It's only natural that our self-esteem is affected when someone rejects us. Some will retreat and lick their wounds. Some will want to lash out. There is... Continue Reading →

Time is a precious gift

Time is a precious gift. What are we doing with our time? Do we really experience it in a smart way? How much of our time are we willing to sell? These are questions that we often answer with our behaviour, but we rarely think about them. Every morning, your account will be reset and... Continue Reading →

What is a trans-generational trauma?

What is a trans-generational trauma? Trans-generational trauma is an impact, a transference for which the emotional, physical or social pain a person suffers at a given moment is transmitted to new generations in such a way that it goes beyond mere acquired behaviour. The subject is not new, in fact the trans-generational or inter-generational trauma... Continue Reading →

What does it mean to have integrity?

What does it mean to have integrity? People who have integrity is always true to their word. They call you when they says they will. They won't bail out on you in the last minute because their friends invited them to go to a party with them. That being said, people who have mental and/or... Continue Reading →

Being hypersensitive means paying attention

Being hypersensitive means paying attention, in an instinctive way, to the slightest detail and the subtleties of those around you. We look closely at every word, every gesture, every tone of voice to deduce information that many other people do not hear or perceive. Are you a good listener? I spoke about this just yesterday... Continue Reading →

Picking yourself up

Picking yourself up after a fall isn't easy. It can make you run and hide under your covers. Admitting that you failed and fixing things can be embarrassing. It's also necessary for growth. I fell off the map after a family crisis. Everything stopped to take care of that crisis, even taking care of myself.... Continue Reading →

Is my relationship healthy

Is my relationship healthy? Considering how many romantic movies show unhealthy relationships has something to hope for, it can be difficult to figure out if your relationship is truly healthy. Have you ever been in contact with a friend or a loved one (a lover, a lover, a visitor, a spouse, etc.) who sometimes did... Continue Reading →

People who do not need us

We must learn to get away from people who do not need us. We must learn to think of ourselves and realize that whatever happens, we are the only ones who are indispensable in our lives. All the people who harm us are too much in our environment. If you often use social networks, we... Continue Reading →

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