Thanksgiving isn’t what you think it is

Thanksgiving isn't what you think it is — so why does the country keep forgetting? This text doesn't come from a place of anger or to place blame on anyone. It comes from a place of knowledge, understanding and a refusal to be erased from history. We shouldn't be afraid to talk about the real history... Continue Reading →


There’s no room for hate

There’s no room for hate. We have to love and respect each other. Yes, I'm willing to risk losing friendships because someone is homophobic, trans-phobic, sexist or racist if they refuse to do better. Humans rights aren't a question about opinion. They are human rights. Everyone should be standing for them. Everyone should be standing... Continue Reading →

I stand behind Colin Kaepernick

I'm Canadian and I stand behind Colin Kaepernick. I don't understand why people are so mad about an individual taking a knee during the national anthem to protest the injustice associated with police brutality directed at black people. I'm really perplexed by the irony in this controversy. The flag of the United States of America... Continue Reading →

Viola Desmond – Pioneer of Black Rights

I like to highlight women who have had a positive impact on our history, but whose names I never heard while in school since most of the literature taught in schools is written by white male authors. I am hoping that this has now changed and kids are now learning about Viola Desmond in history class.... Continue Reading →

First Nation People

Racism is real and alive in North America. First Nation people (Native Americans, Métis and Inuits) are by far the least supported ethnic group in North America, we are are North American. Everyone living here should understand that America has what it has because it stole land from indigenous people. Everyone else is on their... Continue Reading →

Against Racial Discrimination

March 21st is the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Yes, it's a mouthful, but it is so very important. It's a great time for a reminder not to judge people on their looks or assume that you know more about their culture and religion than they do. Empathy plays a central role in... Continue Reading →

Racism in Canada

A black skin child went missing in Montreal, Quebec, this week. An amber alert was sent out. Most shared the amber alert with heavy hearts for this little boy and his family. Unfortunately, the internet had to have its share of racist individuals who took this opportunity to share their hateful, disgusting comments. I'm heartbroken to... Continue Reading →

Our voices are louder together

February 20th is World Day of Social Justice. Our voices are louder together. When people come together and recognize our shared humanity, amazing things can happen. It's so wonderful to see how kindness inspires more kindness! Human rights defenders are often the last line of defence for a free and just society. Once again our voices... Continue Reading →

Racism is very much an issue

Racism is very much an issue. I was surprised to realize that quite a few people actually think that racism is a problem that will soon disappear on its own and no effort is required to make it happen. I've been told that most racist people are from the previous generation because they simply didn't... Continue Reading →

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