You are responsible for your actions

You are responsible for your actions There were many examples in the news in the past two years of people doing incredibly stupid things and being defended with a statement such as "this incident was not an expression of who this person is." That is a lie. Everyone is responsible for their action. The decision... Continue Reading →


Avoiding Rape Isn’t the Solution

Avoiding Rape Isn't the Solution. I'm really fed up with women being taught to avoid getting raped instead of men being taught not to rape. I know that it's coming from a place of concern, but what we are doing is slowly taking away the rights and freedom of women under the disguise of wanted... Continue Reading →

Under the guise of humour

Humour has become a socially acceptable vehicle for expressing discrimination. Under the guise of humour, one returns to inadmissible impudent and prejudicial cliches. In some cases, it's denigrating "humour" at best and hate speech at worst. I was joking isn't a valid defence to being disrespectful and discriminatory. I know this sounds very odd, but... Continue Reading →

Montreal Festivals Security Review

Montreal Festivals Security Review Back in November 2016, the City of Montreal mandated the Council of Montreal to study the issue of women's safety at festivals in its territory. The City of Montreal was hoping to show that Montreal Festivals are fun and safe for everyone regardless of gender. Everyone who's been in Montreal knows that... Continue Reading →

Let’s teach our children about consent

Let's teach our children about consent We have all heard the warnings directed to women in order to avoid rape. Avoid Hazardous Situations (No parties, No public transport, etc.) Stay in well-lighted areas (There was an actual law in Texas prohibiting women from working at night, There was a law in Michigan stating that it was... Continue Reading →

TV Series Review: The Good Wife

I didn't want to watch The Good Wife at first, due to the sexist title and the advertising I saw about the series, which didn't give the series it's due merit. I personally didn't want to watch a series that promotes staying by your man after he betrays your trust by cheating on you. I... Continue Reading →

The Justice System needs revamping

The Justice System needs revamping TRUE JUSTICE The justice system needs serious revamping from a to z. If we want true justice, sentences need to be the same for men and women, for all races, for rich and poor. “It is not possible to be in favour of justice for some people and not be... Continue Reading →

Street Harassment

Street Harassment I was driving to my boyfriend's house during the summer before we moved in together. I was stopped at a red light when a man in the next vehicles yelled through our windows: “Have you ever had a black dick inside you?” I replied no thank you and took off at the green light.... Continue Reading →

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