Do you remember your best friend from elementary school?

Do you remember your best friend in elementary school? Are you still friends? When is the last time you heard about them?  I lived in a small village. Neighbours, in general, were really far from each other. I couldn't just take my bike and visit friends. I needed a ride. It's probably why my brother,... Continue Reading →


Can you be a moral person without believing in God?

Atheists are moral for the same reasons religious individuals are moral because we have compassion and a sense of justice. Believing in God doesn't mean that you will automatically be a moral person. Afterall, religion has played an important part in countless wars, terrorist attacks, murders, and genocides, yet people seem to associate it with... Continue Reading →

Religion & Airplane Safety

Transport Canada announced 2 weeks ago changes to the list of prohibited items for air passengers, which will come into effect on November 27th, 2017.  The federal government will allow small knife blades 6 centimetres or less, except on flights to the United States due to their own regulations. Retractable knives will remain prohibited on... Continue Reading →

Religion & Government

The following quote is from the United States, but I agree with the meaning behind it. I think that's the intent behind the quote is that we should elect a person to represent all citizens regardless of gender, skin colour, sexual orientation and religious preference. A person who will make that choice in the best interest of... Continue Reading →

Should you baptize your child to please the family?

Statistics show that there is an obvious decrease in the number of baptisms in Quebec. This fact, in itself, doesn't surprise me. It remains, however, that a number of parents still choose to offer sacraments to their children, whether by belief or tradition, to buy peace and so on. As far as I'm concerned, no... Continue Reading →

Don’t judge people who choose suicide

Back in high school, a good friend of mind committed suicide. We all knew she was going through a though time. We all tried to help, but it wasn't enough. We were young, we didn't have the right set of tools, it easy to look back and say I should have done this or that.... Continue Reading →

Why are white mass shooters seen differently?

Whenever there is a mass shooting anywhere in the world, I anxiously await, with fingers crossed, that the perpetrator is not a minority, or a Muslim, or an immigrant of some kind who did the shooting. Why? Because I know, like you know, that when anybody from any of those groups is responsible for a... Continue Reading →

Diversity & Inclusion

Few countries in the world can match Canada’s embrace of immigration and the integration of immigrants into our communities. In terms of immigration, the Government of Quebec has always been at the forefront. In 1968, Quebec had a Ministry of Immigration. In 2014,  the Minister of Immigration was renamed Diversity and Inclusion (MIDI). By doing... Continue Reading →

Hate Crimes need to be taken more seriously.

Love comes naturally. Hatred is learned. Why are police and justice having such a difficult time calling racist, gendered and sexual orientation targeted crime tried as heinous hate crimes? If the authorities do not set the example< these hate crimes will keep happening and will grow in frequency. A first nation woman in Thunder Bay was... Continue Reading →

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