Fat-Shaming is Abuse

For decades now, society has had an obsession with weight. From early childhood and throughout life, women receive a lot of pressure to be thin and this pressure comes from so many directions (Family, Friends, Teachers, Advertisement, Media, etc.). Fat women on the internet endure systemic prejudice, bias, violent and abusive comments simply because of... Continue Reading →


Women Persecution – A worldwide issue

Trigger Warning: Discussion of Rape, Violence  The World Health Organisation issued a declaration stating that violence against women as become “a global health problem of epidemic proportions.” Violence against women is a worldwide issue. Rape culture is everywhere even in our own society. There is too much violence everywhere against women. In all countries. According to... Continue Reading →

Slavery isn’t a thing of the past

There are more slaves in the world right now than were ever present in slave-owning America. According to Walk Free Foundation, there are over 45 million people around the world currently trapped in slavery. You may be surprised to learn that Canada has over 6 thousand people trapped in slavery.  In fact, Canada is considered... Continue Reading →

Going on vacation? How to prevent home burglaries

A recent report from the FBI says that 90% of home burglaries can be prevented. Thinking ahead before you go on vacation can help stop burglars from targeting your home while you're away. Here are some easy tips that can help reduce the risk of burglaries: Automatic Lights You can purchase a timer for your... Continue Reading →

Facebook funny & get to know you Games – What you should know

If you are on Facebook, you have probably already seen these type of games. Hahaha! Fun! Everyone has five names. Come on, this is funny(ish)! •Your actual name: Sarah Jane Smith •Your Soap Opera name (middle name and street you live on): JaneChristopher •Your Star Trek name (first 3 letters of your last name, first... Continue Reading →

Learning to Shut Up

In this day and age, is it possible to abstain from commenting? Making the decision to keep quiet when you realise that you have nothing to constructive to contribute should not need the use of words, that's technically the contrary of staying quiet. I was reading an article and the commentary at the end when I... Continue Reading →

The Good Side of Social Media

Facebook has made it possible for me to keep in touch with friends and family who live in other countries or just very far. It is an easy way to stay in communication and see our families grow. For some social media has had an even greater positive effect on their lives, such as: A... Continue Reading →

Facebook Live Violence – Are we asking the right questions?

Facebook promised action regarding the violence Facebook Live videos, but are we asking the right question when addressing the problem? Are these videos causing violence or are they merely showing something that exists in our society? Are we shocked and angered by violent and murderous acts or personally witnessing or knowing about them? Should we... Continue Reading →

Think before typing

I was reading an article talking about a possible herpes vaccine. I'm always interested in new medical findings whether it applies to me or not. I don't have epilepsy and yet taking epilepsy medication helped me eliminate my migraines. In the Facebook comments someone replied that the majority of the human population have the virus and... Continue Reading →

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