My Top 10 inaptitudes

You will find yourself in you. You will never find yourself anywhere else. We’re all different. We can’t build a mould and expect people to all fit that mould. We also all have talents and inaptitudes. These are my top 10 inaptitudes.

    1. AUTO-PILOT: I can’t find my own stuff to save my own life, but ask me where you lost your stuff and I’ll find it less than 5 minutes. I have a weird auto-pilot that takes over my body and I leave my stuff in the weirdest places without any recollection. For example, I once left my phone charger in a jigsaw puzzle box.
    2. COOKING: I can’t cook anything other than pasta. I make amazing pasta dishes, but everything else turns into a complete disaster. I have melted pizza in the oven. This is why I married a man who has amazing cooking talents. I am one lucky woman.
    3. CRYING: I can’t watch a sad movie, video, commercial without crying. This has gotten worse since I gave birth. My kid loves to show me those “Try not to cry” videos on Youtube and see how long it takes me before I completely lose it.
    4. LIGHTS: I will pass the day, closing lights after people, but I can’t turn off the lights when I go to sleep thanks to P.S. I Love You.
    5. lost-2607118_1920ORIENTATION: I can’t tell my right from my left. I’m dyslexic and am directionally challenged. Yet, you can drop me in the middle of any forest and I will find my way out without issue. The invention of the cell phone with integrated GPS has given me such freedom. I am truly thankful for technology.
    6. PLANTS: As much as I love nature and the sent of plants and flowers. I can’t own real plants. I always end up killing them. I really wish I could have a plant in my office cubicle, but I feel too guilty trying again.
    7. REMEMBER: I can’t remember names of people, movies, places, etc. What’s my name again? Remember that television with that girl with the red hair who dance in an elevator?
    8. SHEETS: I can’t fold sheets. I don’t know how many times I’ve been shown how to and everyone says it’s easy. I just can’t manage it. It starts great, by the time I’m done, it looks like I just shoved everything into a messy ball.
    9. SEWING: I can’t sew. I have zero basic sewing skills. I took a course back in high school. We had to make boxers. I broke 3 machines. The teacher got fed up and finished the work for me. When it came time for the evaluation, she forgot she did all the work and gave me 95%. The 5% that I lost was the only part I actually did. I tried to sow a button on once and ended up making a hole in the pants.
    10.  SPEAK: I am bilingual. I am technically French and English speaking. In reality, I mess up both languages regularly and end up speaking Frenglish or inventing words.

I am thankful for today, this breath, this moment, this life.

What are your top 10 inaptitudes or “I can’t” moments?

Top 10 Songs

I’ve always like songs with good lyrics. I remember going to French High School and students would sing English songs without any idea what they were saying. Unfortunately, at the time there was a rape song with a catchy toon and everyone kept signing out loud without realizing what they were saying. It made my stomach turn. Especially since I was receiving threats of rape on a daily basis at the time.

My Top 10 Songs and the reason why I like them:

  1. demi-lovato-1093342_1280Warrior by Demi Lovato. Almost everyone knows this song. I love it because of the lyrics because it speaks of a reality that numerous women have or will face in their lifetime. It speaks of rape culture and strength, honesty and vulnerability.
  2. Hard Out Here by Lily Allen is a great feminist anthem, which is probably why it’s lesser known. I love the message in this song. Once again, I love this song because of the lyrics because it speaks of issues that are current in today society and women who stand up against these problems.
  3. katy-perry-2497145_1920Roar by Katy Perry. I like this song because of the lyrics. It speaks about domestic violence. Its message is that no matter how far you have fallen you can always find the inner warrior and get back on your feet. It’s a song of hope and strength.
  4. Look At The Facts by Buffy Sainte-Marie. The song is older than me and yet still very much appropriate to today’s world. It’s about the environment and how important it is to take care of our source of life.
  5. Ghoster by Wolf Alice. I love the lyrics. It speaks of mental health, being strong, unique and facing your fears. As almost everyone knows, I struggle with anxiety and depression, so mental health is something very important to me.
  6. Try by Colbie Caillat. This song has such a great meaning behind it. It’s empowering to all women and not shaming anyone in the process.
  7. Mile in These Shoes by Jennifer Lopez. Reminds us not to judge people by the little that we know. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a struggle.
  8. Find Yourself In You by Everlife. Great lyrics and message. Be yourself. Don’t change who you are to fit into a mould that isn’t you.
  9. Fight Song by Rachel Platten. I really cannot get enough of this song, especially on days when anxiety and depression are getting the best of me.
  10. Better When I’m Dancing by Meghan Trainor. Even if I can barely dance anymore due to chronic illness, I am better when a good song comes on that makes me want to move.

What are your current top 10 when it comes to music? 

Top 10 Blog Articles (Sep. 2017)

Revisiting the Top 10 blogs from September 2017:

1ST PLACEUnsolicited Dick Pics

“I find it quite shocking that so many people defend the guys sending the unsolicited dick pics to women.”

2ND PLACEDisability & Discrimination

“I would like to take a moment to bring up the institutional discrimination in jobs and education that people with disabilities experience.”

3rd Place: The first electronic cigarettes related diseases are already manifesting

vape-2081227_1920“The electronic cigarette has grown dramatically in popularity in recent years. One of the main reason for its success is that the product was presented as a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes. It was another way of getting your daily dose of nicotine, without putting your life in danger.”

4th Place: Mental Health affects everyone

“Research estimates that 1 out of 5 people will experience mental illness in their lifetime. No one is immune. This is why having conversations about mental illness is so important.”

5th Place: Raising Daughters

“As parents, the only thing we’ve ever wanted for our children is for them to live healthy, happy lives.”

6th Place: Teachers can combat sexism

“Teachers have such a huge impact on their students’ lives. They have the ability and the responsibility to combat sexism.”

7th Place: Introverts & Birthday Wishes

“Most introverts are okay with quietly honouring our birthday on our own or with a group of friends we’ve carefully selected. We don’t have to let the world know, unfortunately, we don’t always get this wish.”


8th Place: Are tampons & pads safe?

tampon-495739_1920“For many women, tampons have become such an everyday thing, we may not even think about what we’re inserting in our bodies. This was certainly true when I was younger, but after becoming a mother and getting more information, I now want to know what I am introducing into my body or putting against my body in order to measure the risks I am taking.”

9th Place: Can we stop calling it ugly crying?

When did it become ugly to cry? Since when do we have to hide and ask for forgiveness for crying in an ugly way? When did we become this superficial?”

10th Place: Stop trivialising sexual violence

Why do we still have to educate media, justice system and the population about this?”

Top 10 Blog Articles (June 2017)

Revisiting the top 10 blogs from June 2017:

1st Place: Believe in your dreams

live-your-dream-2045928_1920“When we are young, we are often told that everything is possible with a tiny bit of will in life. As we grow up, we hit several walls along the way and we begin to realise that it is much harder than we first imagined…”

2nd Place:  Moving Day & Chronic Illness

“…Packing a little every day also meant finishing every day in horrible physical pain and tears. I always feel bad because I look like the lazy girlfriend who doesn’t lift a finger. Having an invisible condition can be a constant battle to be believed and understood by the world around you…”

3rd Place: Chronic Illness & Understanding

“I’m not okay. I never am. Only a few people really know me. The strong, confident person you see is all an act. I’m scared every day of what will happen next. What you see is me trying to appear as normal as possible…”

4th Place: Reap the benefits of learning

“We start at a zero skill level for everything in life…”

5th Place: Dance Classes of Kids – Why the Sexy Outfits?

girl-1980559_1920“As a kid, I took ballet jazz classes. I used to love attending class and dancing every week. I loved to practice the choreographed moves at home for the final show. I was really excited about performing on stage and showing what I had learned to my parents. So why did I quit just before the big performance? The costume…” 

6th Place: Wedding Celebrant quits 5 weeks prior to our big day! No worries, we got this.

“The celebrant we had chosen, spoken to, and began our planning with, quit the wedding industry 5 weeks prior to the big day without prior warning effective immediately.”

7th Place: Father’s Day

“I want to tell my father thank you for being a wonderful father. For showing me LEGOs and the world science fiction, video games and for driving lessons (both tractors and cars).  Thank you for driving me to all the activities and classes I took while growing up and the secret stops to get ice cream on the way back from these trips. You had a great influence on the woman I became and the woman I continue to be…”

8th Place: Adoption

adoption-177427_1920“…What most acquaintance and stranger didn’t know, is that they did try to adopt in their own country and opted for going outside of the country when faced the reality of our adoption system. Unfortunately, our adoption system is still archaic and needs a revamping in order to truly help the children they are trying to protect…”

9th Place: Your Virginity Doesn’t Belong to Dad

“Purity Pledges aren’t healthy…”

10th Place: Equal Responsibility

“What is so complicated about the idea of equal responsibility? I might not have a degree in biology, but I do understand that it usually takes 2 to make a baby. Yet the if a teenager gets pregnant it’s the girl who gets kicked out of school and gets shamed. Yet if a woman gets pregnant after a one-night stand, she’s the only one who is told she should have been more careful. Why are women always the only ones held accountable?…”


Top 10 Blogs (May 2017)

Revisiting the top 10 blogs from May 2017:

1st Place: Introverts & Birthday Wishes

air-2456_1920“Most introverts are okay with quietly honouring our birthday on our own or with a group of friends we’ve carefully selected. We don’t have to let the world know, unfortunately, we don’t always get this wish.”

2nd PlaceFlexible Hours – Dream or Nightmare?

“One thing that I enjoy at my workplace is the lunchtime discussion. During one of these talk sessions, we began to discuss flexible hours and it turns out it isn’t as clear cut as we originally thought.”

3rd Place: Facebook Live Violence – Are we asking the right questions?

“Facebook promised action regarding the violence Facebook Live videos, but are we asking the right question when addressing the problem?”

4th Place: Graves Disease – No one warned me

“Maybe someone in a position of authority over doctors should teach them that bedside manners matter. It has been proven that doctors who show compassion actually help you heal faster.”

5th Place: My Body, My Choice

“We are in the 21st century.  The freedom to dress as one wishes without receiving criticism from unknown people should be ingrained into society. It sounds so basic: my body, my choice. What is so difficult to understand?” 

6th Place: Wedding Celebrant quits 5 weeks prior to our big day! No worries, we got this.

“The celebrant we had chosen, spoken to, and began our planning with, quit the wedding industry 5 weeks prior to the big day without prior warning effective immediately.”

7th Place: Paralysing Anxiety – Thyroid Related?

“I suffered from paralysing anxiety, or in other words, hyper-vigilance. I was in a state of alert 24 hours a day, every day. Every little detail was blown out of proportion. I was constantly analysing, interpreting, evaluating risks. My mind never stopped, not even at night. My mind believed I and/or the people I live with were in constant danger.”

8th Place: Laughter Helps

“I have read many articles that say when hard times hit to make sure you find time to laugh. It’s a really nice sentiment, but it isn’t easy to do, especially when you are struggling with mental or physical illness. No matter how people tell you to laugh about it instead of crying, it’s not always doable. The heaviness creeps in and takes such a strong hold that it can sometimes feel like you are actually being suffocated.”

9th Place: Is Stress one of your Triggers?

“Everyone on planet Earth feels stress. In small doses, it’s harmless and can even be good for us. For someone living with a chronic illness, stress is often one of many triggers. By this I mean, one of many daily elements that cause the symptoms of the illness to become worst. Learning to recognise stress is the first step in gaining some control.”

10th Place: Graves Disease – How much to share?

“I am really struggling with how much to share and what to say to people. It’s not that I want to keep any secrets per say, but I don’t want to pass my days explaining to people how I feel or what my doctor said at the last appointment. I am also very much aware of the two example above, that I am at work and I also worry that oversharing might make me lose that said job, so I try to keep the small lines to myself.”




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