Time to dream about faraway places

It's winter. I don't know where you are in the world right now, but I am surrounded by snow and freezing cold. It's time to dream about faraway places I would love to see. I have been lucky in my life to have the opportunity to travel and visit many countries (France, Greece, Italy, Malta,... Continue Reading →


Memories of Cancun, Mexico

My trip to Cancun, Mexico was thanks to the generosity of my best friend and came just before my 10-year relationship with my child's dad was officially over. It was an incredible experience. I joined her there. I arrived at night. My lift to the hotel wasn't there. I took a taxi and mispronounced the... Continue Reading →

Memories of Rome, Italy

If you ever are lucky enough to get the chance to travel to Europe, do not miss to discover all that it does the beauty of Italy, a country that marks the imagination with its historical splendour, breathtaking scenery and gastronomy! This gorgeous tumble of ancient and renaissance buildings are endlessly fascinating and beautiful. I... Continue Reading →

Prohibited items for air passengers

Transport Canada announced 2 weeks ago changes to the list of prohibited items for air passengers, which will come into effect on November 27th, 2017.  The federal government will allow small knife blades 6 centimetres or less, except on flights to the United States due to their own regulations. Retractable knives will remain prohibited on... Continue Reading →

Memories of Mdina, Malta

Steeped in history, Malta's 3 inhabited islands are an incredible attraction to history buffs. It also offers visitors the perfect mix of relaxation, discovery, and adventure. It's one of the most interesting places I have had the pleasure to visit. The island of Gozo The island is bathed in sunshine nearly every day. It is... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Blog Articles (Oct. 2017)

Revisiting the Top 10 blogs from October 2017: 1ST PLACE: Depression & Anxiety Pills – Busting Myths “Taking pills for me is the equivalent of using an umbrella. You still have to walk in the rain, but the walk is a little easier and more comfortable when you use an umbrella. Yes, you can choose to walk... Continue Reading →

Memories of Barcelona, Spain

The early-19th-century Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi took cues from modern Gothic and oriental techniques to create organic, urban spaces in Barcelona. A walk around the incredibly beautiful city leads you through the largest concentration of ceramic and stained-glass mosaics, as well as his undulating stonework and ironwork. We arrived at port during the afternoon siesta hours... Continue Reading →

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