Memories of Mykonos, Greece

I was really looking forward to visiting Mykonos, Greece. As an art history and archaeology student, there was a museum of archaeology I really wanted to see for myself. Unable to find the museum ourselves, I stopped to ask a woman who was cleaning a closed terrasse for direction. Seeing us approach, she informed us... Continue Reading →


Top 10 Blog Articles (August 2017)

Revisiting the Top 10 blogs from August 2017: 1ST PLACE: Review: The Worst Witch "The Worst Witch is a British fantasy television series aimed towards families about a group of young witches at a witchcraft boarding school. The series is based on books by Jill Murphy." 2ND PLACE: Memories of Nice, France "The first taxi driver at the beginning of the line... Continue Reading →

Memories of Nice, France

The first taxi driver at the beginning of the line waiting for tourist to arrive from the port was incredibly rude and condescending to us. Not a great first impression. I reacted immediately to his words and his tone. Without thinking, I dismissed his services and hired another taxi driver. I literally shouted in French: "We need... Continue Reading →

Memories of Pompeii

Visiting the Pompeii ruins was one of the most emotional experience I had while travelling abroad. To walk the streets of Pompeii, to see how the lava merged with the stone walls of the city after the devastating eruption of Vesuvius, to see the wall frescos that survived the tragic event is quite a humbling moment. The scale of... Continue Reading →

Memories of Monaco

Monaco was my least favourite place to visit. It is indeed an incredibly beautiful place to visit. The architecture alone is enough to take your breath away. The city’s two biggest attractions are the Casino de Monte Carlo and the car race circuit. Since I don’t like to gamble and I'm not a fan of... Continue Reading →

Canadian Permanent Resident

Whether you are a permanent resident or a Canadian Citizen, always make sure you know all the rules before travelling. Make sure you don't get caught unprepared. Canada has some very strict rules about travel paperwork and depending on your status you may need some additional forms to reenter the country. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter what... Continue Reading →

United States Losing Tourist Revenue

United States Losing Tourist Revenue Many groups and individuals are opting out of their regular United States vacation over worries of encountering trouble at the border or over security in the country. Many Canadians simply don't feel welcomed or safe visiting their southern neighbour anymore. I know plenty of people, including myself, who changed destinations... Continue Reading →

My expatriate is back in town!

My expatriate is back in town! My best friend is back in town after living abroad for a long while. I'm really happy to have close by, but my heart goes out to her. Like many travelers who return from a long stay, she is experiencing a difficult return to the home. Part of the problem... Continue Reading →

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