To My True Love

There is nothing like a good love story. Today marks my first Wedding Anniversary!¬†A wedding is only a day, but a marriage is forever. For this special occasion, I decided to write about love and relationships. Hopefully, I won't make too many people sick. ūüėõ Healthy love is daily offering. It is a gift. It... Continue Reading →


What’s most shocking about University

What shocked me the University is the sheer number of female students who were there to find a husband. I couldn't believe that this type of thinking was still striving in society.¬† I might have been raised to aspire to marriage like many women, but I was never expected to make my life choices always... Continue Reading →

Relationship Humour – Bedtime Routine

My husband and I were getting ready for bed yesterday after the kids were all down for the night. It's the first marriage for both of us, but we were both single parents when we met. We still considered newlyweds but with two teens and one pre-teen that feeling is a bit different than the... Continue Reading →

Life is a series of transitions

Life is a series of moments, a series of transitions. It can sometimes feel like an emotional roller coaster especially when these changes are all happening at once or in a small amount of time. April 2017 - Renters to Homeowners¬† Buying our first home was a monumental step, one that is still feeling a... Continue Reading →

How to plan the perfect Geek Wedding

Looking for some inspiration for your¬†Geek Themed Wedding? This is how¬†we customised our wedding to reflect our love of science fiction. Our wedding invitations were inspired by Doctor who. We got them from TiarrArts on Etsy. ¬†The package included Saved The Dates, Invitations, RSVP cards and thank you cards. My jewellery was¬†Doctor Who inspired. The... Continue Reading →

Blended Family Wedding

The bride had one child from a previous relationship and the groom had two children from a previous relationship. This is what we call a blended or reconstructed family. Many guests found it strange that both the Bride and the Groom had invited their ex-spouses to the wedding. Most believe that you should sever ties... Continue Reading →

Wedding Traditions You Can Dump

As some of you already know, I recently got married. Our ceremony and following celebration truly Giving Away the Bride I didn't want my father to give me away at the wedding. I knew he would be disappointed that I didn't want to follow this tradition, but I didn't want to feel like property that... Continue Reading →

Honeymoon – Now or Later?

Yes, it's customary to go on a¬†honeymoon right after the big celebration and sure, the idea of traveling as soon as your wedding is over is great, but once again, we will breaking from tradition and postponing our honeymoon. Our dream trip would be travelling to Europe and visiting a couple of different countries. My... Continue Reading →

Bachelorette Party – Cottage Style

The bachelorette party is consciously modelled after the centuries-old bachelor's party, simply because why should the men be the only one to celebrate their last moments of single life. I totally agree with that. Although the practice of giving a party to honour the bride-to-be goes back for centuries, in its modern form, the bachelorette... Continue Reading →

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