The bachelorette party

The bachelorette party is consciously modelled after the centuries-old bachelor's party, simply because why should the men be the only one to celebrate their last moments of single life. I totally agree with that. Although the practice of giving a party to honour the bride-to-be goes back for centuries, in its modern form, the bachelorette... Continue Reading →


Wedding Hate

Wedding Hate Upon learning that I was engaged and getting married this year, a complete stranger unloaded a bucket of hate upon me. I was told that getting married, having a ceremony and a reception is one of the most ridiculous, indulgent, evidences of extreme privilege she'd ever seen. She assumed that I had too much... Continue Reading →

Cracking under pressure?

Cracking under pressure? As you may already know, I have an autoimmune illness called Graves' Disease, I also have hyperthyroidism and suspicious and growing thyroid nodules that look like cancer. If that wasn't enough to deal with, my doctor now suspects that I may also have Fibromalgia. In other words, I have an invisible illness(es) that makes... Continue Reading →

Men are getting married too

Men are getting married too As you probably already know by now, I'm getting married soon. My social media sites and email are filled with wedding planning articles from various sources. I have to say that the majority is aimed at the bride. "unexpected cost the bride forgets to budget for" As far as I... Continue Reading →

Wedding Dress Blues

Something that I wasn't prepared for was the wedding dress blues. I was extremely lucky. After a few months of online research on all types of wedding dress and choosing my three favourites. I booked a day with my mother and my maid of honour to go dress shopping. The idea was to try on... Continue Reading →

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